Pergamum 3

To understand the union between you and the Lord you need to understand the power of words. There is so much power in His Word, and likewise, there is also great power in your words.

The words you release from your mouth have powerful consequences in the invisible realm, which opens the door to life and death in your world. Be careful. Learn to “zip your lip!” Be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to hear. You will give an account to God for every death producing word you speak because of the power you release into the visible and invisible realm which empowers the world of darkness.

There are beasts and other horrors written in the Book of Revelation which will be defeated by the WORD OF GOD when spoken by the righteous saints. At the same time there are angels, living creatures, 24 elders, and other awe-inspiring living beings. Water is also mentioned often and when you read about water it is associated with WORDS. Angels and demons are empowered through the swords – the words – of our mouths.

Jesus uses His words like water to cleanse and consecrate you. What does He cleanse you from? The filthy lies and thoughts of the wicked one! He comes to you with love and tender words, which can pierce your deepest thought patterns, and turn you towards Him so that you can see that before Him you are without fault, or criticism or blame.

When it comes to your relationship with the Lord please understand that He does not come to you to deal with sin. He comes and deals with your understanding concerning your righteousness. He uses the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, which is the Law of Grace and Truth in CHRIST JESUS to cleanse you, comfort you, and consecrate you. He is a loving God, who uses grace and mercy to teach you about righteousness.

Whenever you have thoughts of guilt, condemnation, sin, or failure, stop and take note of them. Learn to think about what you are thinking – or hearing in your head! These thoughts do not come from the Spirit of God but from the enemy of your soul who is seeking to devour you. Satan attacks you through negative and ungodly thoughts which are the weapons he uses to bring you under his influence so that he can mess you up. Take hold of these thoughts and voices and bring them into submission to the thoughts of your righteousness and justification through the blood of Jesus which come from the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever become irritated or plain angry when someone comes and harps on your faults and failures? Ever fought back and jumped on theirs and then found yourself in one big word fight where each party is trying to outdo the other? Just how clean, pure, and holy do you feel after that? You don’t. This is where little demons now come and whisper in your ear telling you how bad you are, and that if you were a Christian you would not behave like this, and how could God forgive you when you’ve blown it like this, blah, blah, blah.

But, how do you react or respond when someone ignores your failure and just loves you because of who you are? That friend that will comfort you and make you feel better, even though you are still in a mess? And how comforted do you feel when your friend helps you get over the mess? It’s wonderful and we all long for those friends, especially when life has just hurt us.

The Holy Spirit is the friend that comes to comfort you and let you know just how much Jesus loves you, even though you did wrong. He reminds you that Jesus gave His life or you and that He has forgiven you. He is not concerned about the fight/sin that just happened, He wants you back in His arms and fully in love with Him. He wipes the tears away and puts the sin far away from Him and you – as far as the east is from the west and remembers it no more.

Then He talks to you about who you are. You are His beloved. You belong to Him and not another. He is tender and kind. This love and grace is what strengthens you and the next time some little imp comes to tempt you to sin you will recognise it and have the desire and strength to say no. Grace, which is the power of God to say no to ungodliness, is the mark or seal of the Holy Spirit upon the forehead of the saints and the strength of their right hands.

Foreheads and right hands are images that come up in the Book of Revelation and have nothing to do with little chip implants. The forehead symbolises your mind and the right hand your actions – whether good or bad. So please stop fearing these little technological chips. Satan operates in the heavenly realms where he engages humanity in their thoughts and influences their actions.

But, more about that as we continue. For now, know that in Christ you are a champion. In Him you are an overcomer and you are in the process of achieving great things and receiving awesome eternal rewards.

Scripture References: Rev 2:12; Eph 5; Eph 1:4;

In Christ’s love! 💗


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  1. My thoughts are killing me sometimes. But reasondly that ugly thoughts are less and less. God is protecting me from the evil one. Amen

  2. You have spoken to my thoughts. May God continue to fill you with His wisdom as you open our minds to things that have been hidden and hard to understand.