Pergamum 31

Today we start beholding the beautiful mystery of Christ’s reward promised to the saints that overcome the enemy of their soul.

To the saints in Pergamum Jesus gives this wonderful promise, β€œI will let him feast on the hidden manna and give him a shining white stone. And written upon the white stone is inscribed his new name, known only to the one who receives it.”

Remember, to clearly understand the Revelation of Jesus Christ you have to be heavenly and eternally minded otherwise nothing in the Book will make any sense. So, leave the earth with all its problems and walk through the door of your imagination into the kingdom of heaven which is your home. These rewards are eternal and will still be relevant to you long after this world in its current state has passed away. Do not miss that which Jesus desires to give you as a reward when you come to stand before Him on that great day. Please do not squander these precious treasures for the temporary pleasures of this world.

The hidden manna stands for the hidden mysteries of God that were hidden in ages past but have now been revealed to you, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. This is what the whole Book of Revelation is about. It is full of hidden mysteries that Jesus desires to reveal to you about your eternal union with Him – Him in you and you in Him. (Col 1:27)

Jesus hinted at this when He tells His followers to store up treasures for themselves in heaven. These treasures are revealed through the hidden manna that Jesus gives to those who have chosen a life of intimacy with Him and have forsaken their worldly status, idolatry, and sexual immorality. To forsake these things really does require you to separate yourself from all that is worldly.

There is something so mystical, enchanting, and wonderful that happens when His Words pierce your heart and breakthrough into your soul. I cannot describe it to you because it is otherworldly. It is in times of sweet intimacy that He enters your thoughts and shares the mysteries of His kingdom with you. These revelations are to the soul what dining out in a fine restaurant is to the body. There is one dramatic difference though. Once His Word has pierced your heart, meaning it has engaged with you on a deep, intimate, and emotional level, it gets embedded in your imagination and never leaves. It is the wonderful transforming power of sanctification.

Every revelation you have personally received from Him through intimate communion becomes a treasure that you store up in your heart, which is where heaven is. These treasures become your rewards which bring you into your eternal heavenly position in Him. He has called us all to sit with Him on His throne and to partake of His kingdom, however, only those who have willingly given up their worldly lives for His sake and the sake of His kingdom will inherit these promises.

All the rewards, which will be your heavenly resources to do whatever comes next in eternity, are gathered here on earth and each one is formed and fashioned by how you have chosen to live your life. Every time you listen to His Word instead of some worldly thing, every time you say no to ungodliness and yes to godliness, you are storing up your treasures. Will this get you persecuted and ridiculed? Sure, it will, but in the context of eternity, who cares. In the end there is only one person you will give and account to and receive rewards from that is the Lord Himself.

There is nothing greater or of higher value than the Revelation of Jesus Christ. He is the darling of heaven the Lord of creation, the lover of your soul, the Saviour of your life, and your eternal hope. No one loves you more, has given you more, or will ever do more for you that what He has already done. And He is passionately jealous over you. You are His prized possession and He will come against everything in you that is not part of His eternal plan and desire for you. Be sure of this, He will come after you with His sword. He will cut off and remove every ungodly thing from you. He will perfect you. He will sanctify you. He will separate you unto Himself and He will treasure you forever!

This is love! 😊


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