Pergamum 32

I hope you have moments where you drift off into the realm of eternity and wonder what it would be like. What would it be like to see the Lord high and exalted? What does His glory look like? What would it be like to stand before His throne when your time comes to receive your rewards? What would He give you, and why?

When it comes to His rewards these are not a secret. He clearly outlines each reward that He will give to you on this great day of celebration. This is not a day to fear. It will be a day of rejoicing such as we have never known before. What should cause you to fear is the possibility of missing some of His rewards.

Neither is the Lord unfair and unjust in rewarding others more than you because He clearly says that he rewards you for what He tells you to overcome.

The great day of the Lord’s judgment of you is not a day of punishment but of reward. But and there is a big BUT, not everyone will receive His greatest honour. The great honour that He desires to bestow on you should be the greatest purpose of your life. He reveals them in His wonderful letters to you so that you may know the Way, the Truth, and the Life that He has called you to.

To the saints that overcome the teachings of the Nicolaitans and Balaam, being worldly status and recognition, idolatry and sexual immorality, He will give to eat of the hidden manna AND a white stone with your new name written upon it. What is this white stone with your name on it and why do you need it?

Firstly, whenever you see the word “white” in Revelation, refer to your righteousness in Him. God has eternally decreed that the saints are His righteous ones, regardless of their current state of “war” in the current circumstances of their lives. Bringing down demonic teachings and cutting those actions out of your life is a war. It is a good, godly, and great war, but a war none the less. And everyone is at a different place and engaging a different battle, so do not criticize the one next to you in their battle, rather love them and encourage them to overcome, for great is the reward of the overcomer.

The hidden manna, being the mystery of Christ in you and you in Him, is linked to your white stone. Righteousness and godliness are a hidden mystery, but they are not unavailable or unattainable to those who are in Christ. Jesus reveals these mysteries in His name, or His doctrines, and the more you internalise these realities within you the more you will become aware of your righteousness and identity as a holy child of God.

The manna, or the doctrines of Christ, are hidden from those who do not wish to seek them. However, those who seek to be righteous and desire to overcome the world, will find it. The victory of the saints is not found in what they are overcoming but in the seeking and knowing of their Saviours name, which in this case is, “I am the one whose words pierce the hearts of men.” It is not about knowing who Satan is or how he operates but about knowing who God is and how He operates.

When you seek the Word of the Lord and His doctrines, they begin piercing your heart, your mind and emotions, and separate you from any identity with ungodliness. When the teachings of demons start arising within you to tell you that you are not holy, righteous, or acceptable to the Lord His doctrine of righteousness rises against it and, like a sword, will destroy the accusative voice of the enemy as well as the temptations he uses to draw you out of the presence of the Lord.

Remember, the Lord is your defender and his Word defends you against the wiles, the doctrines, of the wicked one. Go and hide yourself within His doctrines and He, the Word of God, will keep you safe and cause you to overcome.

Always a winner! 🤺


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