Pergamum 4

Scripture defines the WORDS of Jesus as a sharp, two-edged sword. A sword has the power to pierce, to cut, and to divide. But that same sword used in battle is also used to defend and provide. The sword of His mouth is His VOICE and the words that He uses when He speaks.

You too, have a sword, which is the sword of the spirit, which is your voice and the words you use when you speak. Becoming a mature son or daughter of God, is all about learning how to use your voice and your words. Your voice is as powerful as a sword and when you use it incorrectly it gives rise to destruction and when used correctly it gives rise to life and healing.

Throughout the Book of Revelation, you can see and hear the voice of the Lord, the voice of the church, the voice of angels and the voice of demons clashing. This clash of words happens in three realms, the spirit, the soul, and the body. Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within you. From this place within you, called your heart, God interacts with your spirit and your soul and your body.

If you make yourselves at home with me and my words are at home in you, you can be sure that whatever you ask will be listened to and acted upon. John 15:7 MSG

How do you create a home with Jesus? The same way He makes His home with you – in the thoughts and words you interact with in your imagination. All your inward conversations, good and bad, are seen and heard in your imagination. Here you speak to Him and He speaks to you. Abiding with or in the Lord has to do with your thoughts and imagination.

To be “married” to the Lord is to have your thoughts and imagination become the same as His thoughts and imaginations.

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are My ways your ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

The degree to which you are married or united with the Lord depends on how much you turn away from wicked thoughts and actions and join yourself to His thoughts and actions. He has the highest thoughts and plans for you and He is not changing. The union is up to you. Only you can assess the measure that His thoughts and your thoughts are in union. What is your inward conversation with the Lord like and how agreeable are you with what He says?

When you start out in this “family relationship” you are going to have some conflict in your thoughts. Chances are you are not going to think like Him, and He certainly does not think like you. He comes into this relationship from the understanding of heaven and you come from a worldly understanding. These two worlds clash big time! But you are called to submit to Him, not Him to you. It is in these moments of inner conflict between your desire for your own worldly way of thinking verse His heavenly way of thinking where the battle rages. He is not bending. His word is like a rod of iron! His word stands firm and forever settled. Why? Because He is smarter and wiser than you! 😊 😊

He knows the enemy. He has already overcome the devil and Satan has no right to access His home unless you choose to bring him in for supper. Ever felt the tension this causes between the two of you? He is going to kick that demon out! And He can be quite frightening when He does so. Just remember He is kicking demons out, not you. His Voice is there to protect you and to look after you. You are not going anywhere! You are staying at home, whether you talk to Him or not!

Over time, as you learn more about Him as your LOVER, your desires will move towards Him and He will become your first love. As you spend time with Him you will come to know Him as the Beginning and the End of your world and who He is as the Almighty God. You will come to know how He works with His angels to take care of you. You will come to know Him as the One who died for you but now lives in you forever. He will reveal the Father and the Holy Spirit to you and allow you to develop your relationship with them too. Ultimately you will come to know Him as the Ruler over all God’s creation and His desire for you to have the same authority and power to rule over creation that He does. This is the high calling He has for you as His beloved.

As you get to know Him in the thoughts and feelings of your imagination, He will teach you to become a master swordsman. As His thoughts become your thoughts and His ways become your ways you will ask and it will be given to you, you will speak and it will be established for you. This is an eternal truth and an eternal position He has for you – to sit with Him on His throne at the Father’s right hand, ruling and reigning with Him.

However, the glory of this position is only given to those who overcome, to those who have built their lives in loving, intimate, union with Him.

I pray that you are one of those to whom He bestows this honour.

Love always


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