Pergamum 6

“I know where you live …” are some of the most beautiful words Jesus says. But, true to our sometimes-sinister mindsets, they also invoke a fearful imagination. To the saints in Smyrna these words were both comforting and disquieting at the same time because He continued with, “where Satan sits enthroned.”

Now, we do not live in the physical city called Pergamum, however, these words hold true to us today as much as they did to the saints in Pergamum at that time. There is an enchanting mystery, as is all of Revelation, behind the words of Jesus, and this mystery is pertinent to you.

Satan does not sit on a physical throne in the physical world we live in. In this natural realm he cloaks and shields himself behind the faces of men and their evil systems. Satan’s throne is a literal one, but it exists in the invisible realm – the realm of the soul which is seen and heard in the imagination. And it is in this invisible realm within you that he wants to exercise authority over you.

Your soul, which is as real and independent as your spirit and your body, connects you with the invisible heavens called heavenly places. This is not the same heaven that God sits enthroned in, this is the realm in which you sit enthroned and in which you rule and reign. You have a throne here. You are lord and king here and this is where you are called, anointed, and appointed to have victory in. This is the enchanting mystery of Revelation – you rule and reign in this kingdom with Him.

Jesus, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, rule and reign overall including you and your kingdom (world). He is Lord and King over all lords and kings. As His child you are both a lord and a king and He has placed part of His kingdom within you. It is still His kingdom because you are His, bought with His blood and His prized possession. You do not and never will belong to yourself, and this is a good thing, because it means He is responsible for you and He will bring you home safely, regardless of whatever situations you may find yourself in while travelling through this world.

As His child you are perfect and that’s the only way He sees you. And it is from this position of being perfect in Him that He now calls you to rule and reign over the enemies that attack your soul and your body. You are not alone; He is always with you. The Holy Spirit, who is the personification of God’s love, now lives with you. His desire is to train you up in the wisdom and knowledge of God so that you can overcome the works of darkness that come against you. He does this by teaching you about who Jesus is and how to use the VOICE of the Lord to overcome Satan.

Jesus said that His people hear His VOICE and they follow Him. The voice of a stranger – demons – they will not follow. What a wonderful statement of faith! How often have you felt like you have not followed Him? How loving, kind, and merciful is your heavenly Father! He knows where you live because HE LIVES THERE WITH YOU! This place is called your heart, a place that exists within you, that God calls heaven. Heaven is within you.

Now, in this place called “heaven within you,” you have enemies. These intruders belong to the kingdom of Satan. In this realm, where you and the Lord both live, Satan also has a throne. Your task is to enthrone the Lord Jesus Christ and dethrone Satan. The more you learn to enthrone the Lord in your mind and imagination, the more He will open up the revelations of His kingdom to you. His goal is for you to sit with Him on His throne, and for Him to be sitting with you on your throne.

Remember, Pergamum means married. In this beautiful letter Jesus has hidden the mystery of your union with Him and the joining of your thrones. This all happens through the joining of your thoughts with His thoughts and His ways becoming your ways. To Pergamum Jesus reveals himself as the One whose WORDS pierce the hearts of men.

His WORDS, or the SOUND OF HIS VOICE, penetrate deep into your soul and become sharp arrows that pierce the heart of Satan and destroy his attacks against you.

All of the beautiful Revelation of Jesus Christ is about your union with Him and your defeat over Satan. What a wonder, what a glory, what a fight, what a hope, and what a beautiful end.

Rejoice, you are a mighty warrior!


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  1. Amen. As i keep reading the blogs, alot of logs keep falling off my eyes. I have learnt alot through you my Sister. God bless you