Pergamum 7

The phrase ‘where Satan has his throne’ is not something that should invoke fear in you. In fact, knowing where Satan has his throne is what gives you power and authority over him. When you know where your enemy is and what he is up to then a sneak attack and quick kill is formidable!

Make no mistake, Satan is not stupid and mocking him or treating him flippantly is not advisable. Even the angels do not treat him with disdain and respond with, “the Lord rebuke you.” Now, in Christ you are a lord and Jesus has given you the power to rebuke and overcome him but this power is only released when you are submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and Satan knows this. If you come against any devil without being under God’s authority, they will tear you apart! They cannot destroy who you are as God’s child or your eternal salvation, but they certainly can destroy your life here on earth.

God does not warn you, rebuke you, or discipline you in any way whatsoever because He is angry or upset with you. He does so to protect you because He knows the plans and purposes of the devil against you. Sin, in any form, attracts devils like rotten meat to a fly! Satan and his demons plot and plan sinful temptations against you and lure you into their trap through enticing words and images. Then, when you yield to their temptation, they attack and take you captive. Then they devour you as and when they please.

However, remember, the greater One lives in you too and His blood is more powerful than any satanic attack. When you have fallen, Jesus comes alongside you and gently encourages you to repent for yielding to the devil. Then you ask for His forgiveness. He forgives and cleanses you from the sin and lifts you up and places you back in command. Once He has your thoughts back in focus with Him, He teaches you how to rebuke and overcome your enemy, giving you the final victory. As soon as you have conquered heaven goes crazy in celebration!

Never allow Satan to convince you that God is against you because you have sinned. This is the furthest thing from the truth. God NEVER LEAVES you. But He also never interferes with your will. He will gently call you and wait patiently for you to come back to Him. There is nothing more precious or sacred to God than your own will. When you call, He answers. When you draw near to Him, He draws near to you.

Demons never want you to call on God nor draw near to Him. They are fully aware and deathly afraid of your God and the power He has given you. They will shout and scream at the top of their lungs to keep your attention and focus upon your sin. They will hurl accusations of guilt and condemnation against you all based on the lie that you have displeased God or that God is against you in some way.

In the letter to Smyrna Jesus revealed the power of the law of sin and death which sits in the synagogue or church of Satan. His messengers are those who preach a message of guilt and condemnation from God to you because you broke one of His commandments. Their goal is to keep you focused on keeping the Law of Moses and the curse that happens when you break one of these. All the while they subtly teach you that God is against you because you have disappointed Him in some way.

Beware, Satan goes around as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He does this by tempting you with sin, real or imagined, and then snaring you with his words of accusation, guilt, and condemnation. All he wants is your power and when he has successfully condemned you and found you guilty He will twist the truth even further and get you to believe God is in some way against you. This will render you powerless and ineffective in your fight against him.

Jesus taught the saints in Smyrna about His death and resurrection and in Pergamum He teaches the saints about the power of His Words. These are the weapons of righteousness that He has given you to overcome the voice of the devil and to defeat him. Overcoming satanic attacks is not about shouting and screaming at the devil in tongues or any other language, but in the quiet submission of your thoughts, your ways, and your actions to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

This quiet, willing submission to turn to Jesus and give Him lordship over your life is deathly frightening to the kingdom of darkness and demons will flee from you in abject terror when you do so. All this war and fighting takes place within your own heart and mind. You, the Lord, the kingdom of God and the world of darkness all exist within you.

As Jesus takes you further into His wonderful Book of Revelation, He reveals the wonderful and awesome angels He has ascribed to you, who will fight for you, help you and teach you the wonders of your Father’s kingdom. Jesus will also reveal to you the principalities and powers of the world of darkness that invade your soul. In all this light and darkness, He reveals the wonder of your union with Him and the majestic throne that He is preparing for you.

Therefore, rejoice always, and again I say rejoice, for your end will be greater than your beginning. God has planned days of heaven on earth for you!

Jesus is Lord!


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