Pergamum 8

Jesus reveals the city of Pergamum as the place where Satan had His throne. Yet, despite this, Jesus commended them because they remained faithful to the power of His name.

Jesus reveals Himself to them as the One who has the sharp two-edged sword and whose “words pierce the hearts of men.” In a personal context He reveals Himself to you as the One whose words pierce your heart.

Jesus is and always will focus on you!

You as an individual and the church at large are the central theme and focus of the Book of Revelation. This Book is all about your relationship with Him, His Lordship over you and your lordship over sin and death. It’s about your union (marriage) to each other and your ultimate victory culminating in your resurrection from the dead. And once the kingdom of heaven rules within you, eternal life will flow out from within you to the four corners of your world! 😊

You will never cease discovering the wonder and beauty of who God is and who you are in Him!

Throughout the Book of Revelation Jesus uses natural images as metaphors to help you understand how the kingdom of heaven and of God works within you. At the same time, He reveals how the kingdom of darkness comes against you and how you can overthrow this world of darkness through the power of His name. Do not be frightened by the images in this Book, rejoice because you are growing into the full image and likeness of the King of glory!

The city of Pergamum had a throne erected to the worship of the Roman god Zeus. Jesus uses this image to reveal to the saints that Satan has a throne which is real and from where he works. As we saw in earlier blogs Satan is at war with the saints, and that includes you. The throne of Zeus was physical but the throne that Satan occupies sits in another realm and this realm is in the heavenlies. And the heavenlies, or heavenly places, are within you.

Heaven is not just one place. Scripture talks about heavenly PLACES. This means there are many separate places in heaven and in one of these places (dimensions/realms) Satan has a city in which he has set up his throne. You too, live in these different heavenly places, just not with your body, but with your soul. This is a world, a life, which exists within you and you connect to and interact with this ‘heavenly’ world through your mind, your will, your emotions, your reasoning, your conscience and your imagination. Everything you see spiritually and physically you see within your imagination.

And in this realm, nothing is impossible! You have the power, through and in Jesus name, to win ALL THE TIME!

Satan’s kingdom, or realm, or dimension, in which he exists is known as the kingdom of/in darkness or the kingdoms of this world. He does not have access to or authority in all the heavenly places, only those that interact with this world we live in. The kingdoms of this world, both spiritual and physical, were given to Adam, and through Adam to all humanity, including you and me. The great catastrophe of “the fall of Adam and Eve” was that Satan gained the power and authority over these realms.

The great victory of the cross of Jesus Christ is that He dethroned and stripped Satan of all his power and authority over these realms. Then He gave that authority back to the church!

Please understand that there is no power or authority among humans nor demons that is greater than that of the church of Jesus Christ.

Demons are deathly afraid of the church, including you, but that does not stop them from their desire to destroy you. Their hope is that they can keep you convinced that they are more powerful than you and they will use whatever tactic they can to keep you under their control.

However, the weapons that Jesus has given to you and me, His beloved church, defeat Satan every time.

Imagine, you have the most powerful weapons in the universe which destroy Satan and his demons and every attack they might bring against you. Therefore, be bold and courageous, for even though your enemy walks around seeking to devour you, you can live in a place of such authority that they take one look at you and move out of your way because of their fear of you!

These powerful weapons are the weapons of righteousness. When you turn your face towards God and desire to live in righteousness, He will arise within you with His WORD or His VOICE, and as you yield to obey His Voice, rather than the voice of sin, that His WORD will blow your enemy to pieces! The battle in your soul is not about fighting demons but one of aligning your thoughts, your imagination, your words, and your actions with those of the Lord.

Greater is He – the WORD, the VOICE – that is within you than the voice of Satan which operates in this world.

As you overcome the enemy of your SOUL, you will become one of the powerful agents of righteousness, joy and peace which will bring heaven to earth. The Heavenly City, the New Jerusalem, will finally be on earth and the “city where Satan has his throne” destroyed forever. Life conquers death, love conquers hate, peace conquers violence, and righteousness conquers sin. This is the Revelation of Jesus Christ!

Jesus is revealing Himself to His church and the church is arising to meet Him. And meet Him in the air, or in the heavenly places, we will surely do!

Scripture References: Rev 2:12-13; 1 Jn 4:4; Rev 21:2; 2 Cor 6:7; Rom 12:1-2; Eph 1:18-23

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  1. “The battle in your soul is not about fighting demons but one of aligning your thoughts, your imagination, your words, and your actions with those of the Lord.”

    This is one of the greatest revelation i have received today.

    I spent so much time in the past shouting to the devil “die by fire! die by fire!

    God bless you sister.

    1. Hello Lilian

      Happy New Year to you and I pray that this year will not only see a multiplication in the revelation of Jesus Christ in your life but a full activation of those revelations too.

      Thank you for sharing and I want you to know that I so greatly appreciate you responding to the posts.

      I love you and look forward to the day we meet, whether this side of heaven or in heaven.

      Friends forever!