Philadelphia 12

“I will make them come and bow down at your feet and acknowledge how much I love you.”

These are the encouraging words of Jesus to His beloved saints in Philadelphia who are coming under the onslaught of satanic accusations and lies. The same holds true for you when you find yourself in your war against the voices of guilt and accusation, false doctrines that condemn you, worldly ways, worldly philosophies to mislead you, etc.

His WORD which is final and the highest authority in heaven and on earth will come to your defence. How? When you choose to align your voice, your ways, and your actions with His. The degree to which you exercise your faith – which is evident in the words you speak and your corresponding action – is the degree to which He will enforce your kingdom rights and authority in heaven and on earth. Then, whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.

Where you must be alert is when you speak “with a forked tongue.” A forked tongue is the tongue of a snake or a serpent. Satan is the serpent of old, the devil, the accuser, and the dragon. He continually speaks both good and evil. One minute he is praising and exalting you and the next he criticises and condemns you. All this is played out in the voices (words) in your mind.

Satan’s tree is called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree speaks both blessing and curses at the same time. When your voice is filled with blessings and curses you will raise hell – you will enforce the kingdom of darkness and strengthen its power over your life and then towards humanity.

Your voice in this world carries power and God does hold you accountable for your words. You will give an account for how your words have contributed to the establishing of His kingdom on earth, and what you did to establish the lies of Satan in the earth.

You can be sure of this: when the day of judgment (reconning or accounting) comes, everyone will be held accountable for every careless word he has spoken.  Your very words will be used as evidence against you, and your words will declare you either innocent or guilty. (Mat 12:36 TPT)

Notice how it is YOUR OWN WORDS that will do the judging and either accuse or condemn you.

God is not judging you; your words are! The day of judgment refers to a day in which a court makes a ruling regarding a case that has been set before it. This is not a single day somewhere in the future or in eternity. These cases come up before God all the time. Satan accuses you before the throne (seat of judgment) of God. Here he presents YOUR WORDS, not your sins, before God. You now give an account for the words you have spoken.

Be careful! Your words matter!

You, by an act of your own will, chose words that you released out of your mouth. When you did so you released either life or death, a blessing or a curse. When you release a curse, be it through anger, disagreement, hate, condemnation of another (or government) you are asking for corruption to be released to you. Do you really want that? If you choose to release blessing instead you release abundance and life.

However, you need to make sure you are not speaking with a forked tongue. A forked tongue leaves you with indecision, confused, and generally ineffective with a “whatever will be, will be,” kind of life. This too does you no good and will prevent you from going forward in life and experiencing the wonders of heaven and earth.

All of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is about spiritual warfare, WHICH IS A WAR OF WORDS. And our words as the children of God determine how and when this war will end. The time and the season of His return is in our hands and depends entirely upon the WORDS of our mouth.

Satan, the wicked, and the whole system of death will be ended when our voice aligns with the Lord’s voice and we become the agents of love and forgiveness in both word and deed. When we master this, then the world will bow down at our (the Church) feet and acknowledge that our God reigns and that He loves us.

So, beloved child of the Most High God, please take some time to think about how you think, how you speak, and then how you behave. Jesus is NOT returning before we have conquered the enemy – the voice of accusation – in our lives through the blood of Jesus, the word of our testimony and laying down our lives for the sake of THE WORD.

Have a blessed day. 😊


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