Philadelphia 17

There is a treasure that you have received from the Lord that is of incomprehensible value and He encourages you to hold onto it tightly till He comes so that no one can take your crown of victory. What is this treasure that you have and why would anyone want to steal it? And what is “your crown of victory?”

In our previous thoughts we considered the “hour of trial that faces every person on earth” as the hour of death. Your tests and trials on earth, including your experience of great tribulation (suffering), culminate at the hour of your death – death being the last enemy you are called to defeat. For the saints, this victory over death has already happened. Remember, you have already passed from death to life as a believer in Christ. This is not some future event that happens when your body “goes to sleep (dies)” it is a present tense reality for all saints.

All this mystery is wrapped up in the foundational doctrines of Christ, especially baptisms and the resurrection from the dead. But all the doctrines work together, and together bring you into the reality of the doctrine of righteousness – who you are as a Child of God.

Did you know that making the statement, “I am a son/daughter of God,” is the highest and most powerful declaration you can make about yourself in the universe? Think about it. It was for this reason that they crucified our Lord and Saviour.

The Jewish leaders shouted back, “But we have the Law! And according to our Law, he must die, because he claimed to be the Son of God! (John 19:7 TPT)

Why is this statement such a big deal and why did it provoke the religious leaders and the Romans (Jews and Gentiles) to crucify Him?

This infuriated them and made them all the more eager to devise a plan to kill him. For not only did he break their Sabbath rules, but he called God “my Father,” which made him equal to God. (John 5:18 TPT)

God is your Father, and you have every right to proclaim yourself as a son/daughter of God because God calls you, His child. You belong to your Father, and you have been born from Him. You are not an earthly child, you are heavenly. And this makes you equal with God. No, it does not make you God but establishes you as one who has all the rights, privileges, and glory of heaven that Jesus had. The same power Jesus walked in, you walk in. The same favour He had with the Father; you have with the Father. The same love that the Father has for Jesus, He has for you. To the Father you are as precious as His first-born Son. You hold the same rank, power, and authority in heaven and on earth that He does.

And this makes you a very dangerous heavenly being to Satan and his rule and dominion over humanity and the earth. The Church is dangerous to darkness. Very dangerous!

As a child of God, you have full access to everything heaven offers for you to rule and reign in this life and in the life that is to come. Please, please know that you are not a worm, you are not irrelevant nor insignificant. You are incredibly and indescribably magnificent. You are the Father’s greatest treasure and the plan for the age that now is and for the ages that are to come.

You have not even begun to imagine the magnificent and enchanting things that God has in store for you.

Do not fear death. Every saint that dies is another “nail in Satan’s coffin” and his end is swiftly coming.

Rejoice and be glad, you are a child of God. Be bold and declare it …

I am a child of God! ❤


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