Philadelphia 4

Jesus’ letter to His beloved holy ones, the saints, is His love letter to you personally. It is His divine dance of love as He calls you deeper into intimacy and rulership with Him. It is a journey that is unique to you.

God – the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – desire to develop a relationship with you and unveil and reveal truth as They engage with you. Just as the Lord relates to me personally, so He will relate to you personally. Please do not compare your relationship and journey with the Lord to mine or anyone else’s. All our journeys are unique and different. Our thoughts are different and how we interact with God is different. You are called to walk with Him and to follow Him. You will grow and mature through your life experiences. Through these experiences you learn to work out your salvation with your God.

Together we are called to encourage, comfort, and exhort one another in our spiritual journey with the Lord. Just like the Lord comes along side us to encourage, teach, and train us, we walk together the same way. We all have the same ministry which is to reconcile each other and the world into beautiful union with YHWH our God. The Lord will send teachers, pastors, evangelists, prophets, and apostles your way to deposit some message or nugget of heavenly wisdom to you to help you grow and mature in the KNOWLEDGE of Him. They are called to feed you, not to be a “lord” over you. You only have one Lord, and His name is Jesus. You only have one Shepherd, and His name is Jesus. You only have one pastor; His name is Jesus. You only have one apostle and prophet, and His name is Jesus Christ. Everyone else is simply put there by God to encourage you on your way.

There will be tests and trials, persecutions, and even great tribulations upon your journey. But there will also be great triumphs, victories, heavenly encounters, and eternal glory experiences here on earth as well. All of these are designed by your Father to train you up as His child and to prepare you for the enormously great and wonderful eternal plans He has for you. Here and now, He has called you to sit with Him in the seat of His eternal victory and to show you how to rule over the forces of darkness, and to participate with Him in establishing His eternal kingdom here on earth. This is a journey of participation. Jesus never intended to do it all on His own. His intent from the beginning was for you, His beloved, to have this honour.

The mystery within the Book of Revelation is Christ in you, the hope of glory. It is His mystical relationship with you, your victory over Satan and your eternal inheritance. It is not intended to be frightening or destructive but glorious and victorious. In it Jesus reveals the plans and purposes of the evil ones and how His plans for glory in and through you win the day. Never be afraid of the “tribulations” you face here on earth; they are designed for you to learn how to destroy them. Your God is with you and for you; you cannot and will not fail. You cannot and will not die either. You are His eternal holy child and eternal death no longer has any hold over your life.

As you continue your journey of love towards Him and remain faithful in your heart to Him, He will open the door to the way of righteousness and lead you along His paths of justice and fill your life with unspeakable treasures.

Love and blessings


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