Philadelphia 8

Jesus says, “I know what you have done!”

What was the first thought that came to your mind when you read those words? Did they produce confidence and peace towards God, or did they make you want to cringe? For many saints, the later would be their reaction.

But Jesus is not upset with them, and neither is He upset with you. What these saints in Philadelphia had done was believe in Him and because of their faith He had opened the door to heaven wide for them. He has done the same for you. His door, the door to His love and life, is wide open and will never be shut. You have access 24/7.

“For I know that you possess only a little power, yet you’ve kept My word and haven’t denied My name.” (Rev 3:8)

Look at how God’s heart wells up with pride in His children because they have kept His word and not denied His name in spite of all their problems and weakness. Notice how He is not praising them for their great power or their fantastic works (ministry) but that they endure all the suffering brought about by their earthly weaknesses and still keep their faith and love towards Him. This is great honour to Jesus and the Father.

Their tribulation, suffering, and adverse circumstances have been brought on by a particular crowd of people whom Jesus calls the “synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews but are not, they are liars.”

This is a very bold and accusative statement that Jesus makes against these people. Please note, not everyone on earth is godly and has godly intent. There are serious God haters and they come against the church of Jesus Christ. This is what has been happening to these saints, but Jesus is only just beginning to rise up on their behalf. For now, you to may go through intense suffering because of your faith in Jesus Christ, but the battle is not over. The victory will be yours.

I want you to be encouraged. Just because people slander you and lie about you because of your faith in Jesus, the time will come when they change will their tune. In your suffering, hurt, or pain, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and the open door that He has set before you. They cannot shut this door and neither do their lies change God’s opinion of you. Jesus lives within you and He alone knows the truth. He knows what is going on within your heart and the heart of every person. All you have to do is keep your own faith in His name and know that in His time He will defend you.

And for now, in every way you can, demonstrate your faithful service to God through tremendous endurance in the midst of your difficulties, hardship, or calamities. If you are beaten, imprisoned, in hard work, sleepless nights or hunger; remain pure, keep the knowledge of God in your heart, be patient and kind. Keep yourself in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, let your love be genuine, your speech truthful, and let your inward strength come from His divine power. Let the weapons of righteousness in your right hand and your left hand be powerful. Let His righteousness lead you through honour and dishonour, through ill repute and good repute whether you are perceived of as a deceiver even thought you have been true. In sorrow keep rejoicing and in poverty remember you are rich. Live your life as having nothing yet possessing everything. (2 Cor 6:4-10)

God is with you.


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  1. Hi Yvonne

    thank you so much for the exhortations. may you be blessed abundantly. I am humbled every time I see your mail addressed to me personally. I really appreciate every good work your do.

  2. Thank you for the once again beautiful message. It is sometimes so hard to stay positive. We have worked hard and stayed positive in our farming venture but keep getting knocked down. My hope fades and I feel I am becoming hard. Do you perhaps have any good sermons/ messages I can replay each day to remind myself to keep the hope. My heart breaks for my husband life has not been easy and we took this risk I really believed God brought us here but things are not working out. Yet everyone around us inherits farms and things go so smoothly for them. Is this just life or is God testing us. Sorry for the long story but you seem so real and God speaks through you.