Piercing Words!

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I am sure that you have felt the pain that arises in your heart when someone has spoken cruel and unkind things to you and about you. But have you ever thought about why you feel this pain and what it does to your inner being?

In a conversation with my son this week he spoke something that he knows I do not agree with as it is an act of rebellion against the knowledge of God. He believes in Jesus, but he is certainly a prodigal son at the moment. His words did not hurt me, but they definitely agitated my soul. You probably have a loved one that also agitates your soul where there love for Christ is concerned and this is a good thing because it inspires action on our part to pray.

So, while in prayer for him, I imagined laying hands on him and praying for him. As I prayed in the spirit over him, I became aware of my words and how they were like little sparks of light that pierced his heart. As I saw this the Lord reminded me that His Words are a sharp two-edged sword that pierce the hearts of men. Those words coming out of my mouth were piercing and finding their way into his heart, and even though he may not be conscious of what is happening those words will arise and speak to him as he goes about his life reminding him of the Lord.

The Lord reminded me that His words are filled with light, and life, and love. The words and thoughts contained in these words that were piercing his heart are greater that the words of darkness and that the more words I release into his heart the greater the light becomes. In other words, do not stop praying because your words are making a difference even if you cannot see anything physical yet. Everything in the kingdom of heaven comes to pass with faith and patience. God’s words work within the heart and soul of a person before they become manifest in the physical realm.

Then my thoughts turned towards the Russian president. As I said in my previous note on Facebook, we are called to pray for our enemies, to bless them and to do good to them. I began doing the same thing for him as I did with Ad. It was more difficult as the darkness is greater, however, the power of His word is greater than the darkness surrounding those who are caught in wickedness. And this goes for any political leader, and any other person caught in the snares of darkness. I thought about how easy it is for us (the church) to speak evil of those we do not approve of, completely unaware that our own words are empowering the very thing we are hoping to bring to an end. Unless we are willing to love and bless and pray for our enemies we will not conquer. As the Lord said to me, “Your love for Russia needs to be as strong as your love for Ukraine and any other nation.”

Today, if you have a loved one that needs salvation, healing, deliverance, hope, etc., lift your voice and begin to pray words of love, and joy, and faith over them. See your words penetrating their heart and piercing the darkness so that they can see and hear and turn to the glory and wonder of the Lord. We have the victory over sin and death in our mouths.

Forgive, love, bless.

Rev 1:5 … To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood and has made us to be a kingdom and priests unto the Lord our God – to His be glory and power forever and ever – Amen!

Love and blessings 😄

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