Planting Eternal Trees!

How are you doing? I’m thinking of you 😊

Have you ever thought about the possibility of planting eternal trees? I hadn’t until I read a passage in Philippian’s that jolted my thoughts. And it had to do with giving money in support of the gospel! Money and eternity were not thoughts I put together.

The reason I talk about planting eternal trees is that fruit is borne on trees. Look at this wild thing that Paul says to the Philippians (chapter 4). They were the only church that supported him financially when he went into the ministry and they supported him fully for well over a year. Then he says this …

I mention this not because I am requesting a gift, but so that the fruit of your generosity may bring you an abundant reward. I now have all I need – more than enough – I’m abundantly satisfied! For I’ve received the gift you sent by Ephaphroditis and viewed it as a sweet sacrifice, perfumed with the fragrance of your faithfulness, which is so pleasing to God. I’m convinced that my God shall fully satisfy every need you have, for I have seen the abundant riches of glory revealed to me through Jesus Christ. And God our Father will receive all the glory and the honour throughout the eternity of eternities! Amen!

Do you see it? When you give your finance to support the work of God in the earth you are planting a tree called generosity in the heavens that will bear a fruit which will bring glory and honour to God FOREVER! Imagine what kind of harvest that will bring! I think we are often to earthly minded that we do not see from an eternal perspective.

The next time you give finance to someone that has ministered the Word of God to you and it has encouraged and comforted you in your relationship with the Lord, think about what you are doing eternally. Not only does the tree of generosity produce fruit that glorifies God, its blossoms produce a sweet fragrance called faithfulness that is so pleasing to God’s senses. Have you ever smelled something that pleases you? Well your faithfulness in giving has a smell in heaven that pleases the Father! 😊

Plant a generosity tree today! 🌳🌱🍒





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