Pray Until … Part 1!

Have you ever wondered about how long you should be praying? Or have you ever felt like you need to pray more, especially when you are facing trouble?

The truth is, no matter how much you pray or for how long you spend in prayer, Satan will always tell you it’s not enough! For many, prayer then becomes a labour or a discouragement, instead of a joy and a time of pleasure.

So, how long should you pray for? I will give you some scenarios (a few blogs) and hope they encourage you.

  1. One hour a day. (Mat 26:40)

This is a good habit to form and everyone can find an hour in their day. Sure, if you are like me, there are plenty of excuses as to why this is not possible, but the truth is, it is. Remember, prayer is a learning process and may start out difficult and you many find yourself without anything to say after a couple of minutes.

If you are new to prayer, then start by putting on some music and just praise the Lord. Focus on Jesus in your mind and sing TO Him. Find songs that are about Him and not about us. Lift your hands to Him, love Him and embrace (hug) Him.

While you are singing, if any thoughts of thanksgiving and gratefulness cross your mind, stop singing and give voice to what you are feeling in your heart. Learn to flow with your thoughts of love and adoration towards Jesus.

Pay attention to what you see in your imagination. This is where you “meet” with God. The more familiar you become with the HOLY imaginations that arise while you are praying the easier it will become to recognise the Lord and to engage with Him.

When you see Him, you may have a desire to bow down to Him and worship at his feet. Go ahead and do this. Keep your eyes on the Lord at all times. He may want to lead you somewhere or show you something. Follow Him. Trust Him.

As you first learn to do this, your thoughts may wonder or just run away. It’s okay, don’t panic and don’t let the devil condemn you. Bring them back into focus and keep doing this until you have control over them. God is the God of great patience, love and kindness. He is gentle and takes pleasure in teaching you. He is always excited to be with you, no matter how “messed up” you may think your session has been.

If you need help with how to give thanks to the Lord, then go to the website media page and listen to 1001 Reasons to praise the Lord. You can download it as a PDF or just listen to it. This is a training tool 😊.

Tune in tomorrow for more ….

Have a praise filled day! 👐👐🙏🙏





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