Pray Until … Part 2!

Learning to love the Lord through praise and worship is the most important part of your prayer life as this is where you develop your love and adoration of the Lord. It is also the WAY into the presence of the Lord, so I encourage you to do this as often as you can. Work at it till you can do this for an hour.

Another part of prayer is learning to present your prayers and petitions to the Lord.

A petition is something specific you are wanting form the Lord. A petition comes in the form of a request; however, it also needs to come on the basis of faith which has it’s foundation in Scripture. If you are petitioning the Lord, find out what He says about it. A petition is a formal request. It needs to be based upon something. It must be legal, and in the case of prayer, must be something you are allowed to request.

James 4:3 And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong – you want only what will give you pleasure.

Is it wrong to ask for something that will give you pleasure? No. God wants you to be happy. However, if you are asking for your neighbours’ spouse you will not receive it because it is contrary to the will of God.

When coming to God with a petition or request, first check whether it is something permissible in God’s eyes, and then check the motives of your own heart. Why do you want whatever it is you are asking for? What is its purpose? Is it based in love or lust? Are you at peace with God about it and are you willing to wait in faith for it without getting “miffed” when He doesn’t answer you in time?

Your heart, with its thoughts and feelings is a very powerful place. When you learn how to work with God in this place you can move mountains. God knows this and will protect you, even if He knows it may make you “mad!” Examine yourself first, then when you are happy about what you are going to request, find the Scriptures that confirm your right to ask. When you are ready, ASK! Then be patient and continue in your love walk with Him.

Praying for others always involves petition. Here we often find ourselves not knowing how to pray as we should, and this is where praying in tongues becomes so important. The Holy Spirit, who is God, knows exactly how to pray – what petition needs to be presented, and He will do it for you. I will cover praying in tongues in another blog.

Prayers cover a wide range of things from sitting in the Lord’s presence and having a conversation, to learning new things about Him and how His creation works. It may or may not involve others. there are an infinite number of things that the Lord wants to teach and show you, so prayer is never boring, repetitious or meaningless. It is an endless adventure of asking and receiving, seeking and finding, knocking and entering.

So, in learning to pray for an hour, begin with a time of love and worship and then bring any petitions you may have to the Lord. By the way, you can talk to Him about your petitions before you bring them! This is also a part of prayer. Once you have brought your petitions and requests, it is time to go into the Holy of Holies and engage with Him and His kingdom.

Please note, very little time should be spent dealing with devils. Prayer is about Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit and their kingdom, not the devil and his kingdom! The more time you spend in the presence of the Lord the greater your victory over the devil! He cannot stand the presence of the Lord and will flee from you without you having to do anything. Deal with the devil IF and WHEN the Lord instructs you to.

As you become skilled in praise, worship, thanksgiving, petitions, praying in tongues and fellowship with the Lord, you will find it easy to spend an hour with the Lord. Over time, an hour may be too little, but this is then up to you.

Have a joyful day 😊





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