Praying for You!

I don’t have a blog today. Today I just want to pray for you.

I pray that in all things you would be strengthened in the knowledge of the Lord’s grace and goodness. May His love touch you deep within your heart and soul as you come experience the wonder of who He is. In times of brokenness and pain, sickness or disease, I pray that the Voice of the Holy Spirit and His love is both heard and felt, brining you great comfort, hope, peace and healing.

I pray for the healing of your physical body. I pray over your organs, your nervous system and your blood. I release the life of Jesus into your body and call for complete healing and restoration. May there be no more pain and every injury healed. I pray for your joints and muscles to be strong and function perfectly.

I pray for your soul, that every thought would be washed in the blood through the knowledge of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I pray for the thoughts of the Lord to be written upon your heart and mind to where you see Him and hear Him every moment, every day. May the light of the knowledge of Jesus and his kingdom overwhelm you with joy unspeakable and full of glory. May every trauma come under the judgement of His blood and the pain and heartache associated therewith be removed to where the memory of it no longer has any sting.

May the love of God that resides in your heart through the Holy Spirit flood your entire being with His warmth and love. I pray that you come to know how wide and long and high and deep His love for you is, and may you come to know this love so that you would be filled to the measure of all the fulness of Him.

In every day, in every situation, in every test or trial, in the good and the bad, may the wonder of the mystery of your union with Jesus Christ consume you till He becomes your all in all!

I pray your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved and found blameless at His coming and may His coming be hastened in your life.

Have a glorious weekend and know that you are loved. 💞





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  1. Ek ontvang elke woord van hierdie gesalfde gebed en stuur dit terug aan jou met my Amen daarop.

    Lief vir jou