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Have you ever wondered what it means to have your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace? Did you know that if you don’t get the right image in your mind as to the “mystery” that is contained in a Scripture the chances are you will not experience the power of it.

Remember, Jesus said MY Words are spirit and they are life. This means that they are not seen, found or worked with in the physical realm but come from another realm which He calls the spirit. When you first hear a Scripture, it is as a seed or a thought that enters your mind. Initially it may have no reasoning or logic to it. This is okay because it has to transform itself into its true identity which comes when the Holy Spirit illuminates it to you.

When you first hear about your feet being shod and you have had anything to do with horses it could paint a picture of shoes being nailed to your feet. Obviously, this is not the image that brings you much excitement. Same as the word fitted. Both of them really mean to bind tightly to your feet. Now, I ask you, how do your bind the gospel, which many think is the Bible, or the Good News, to your feet?

When you are wanting to find the spiritual understanding of a Scripture it helps to first establish what you are imagining when you hear the Scripture. Your image may be totally different to the person next to you. Once you have identified the image you have in your imagination you can start taking it into the realm of the spirit for true understanding. The Lord will reveal His truth to you.

We have two things here, your feet and the Gospel of Peace. (And no, this has nothing to do with evangelism, this is about YOUR armour!) Your feet symbolize your walk and where you are going. The Gospel represents your shoes. Your armour is called the armour of light. Simply it means that wherever you go and in whatever you do keep your thoughts fixed and focused on Jesus. It has to do with following the Lord or walking in His footsteps.

The Gospel of PEACE has to do with the truth that God is at peace with YOU all the time!

As you go through the events of each day you will find yourself in places that will challenge your thoughts concerning your relationship with Jesus. Often, we can forget about Him completely, or someone or something happens that challenges our thoughts concerning doing what we want verses doing what we know is pleasing to the Lord. This is called sin and we all do them. And the first thing that rises up in our minds afterwards is that we sinned and now we have displeased the Lord. Now we find ourselves under attack by the accuser and his aim is to get our thoughts to backtrack from being at peace with God into a state of guilt or condemnation.

In your walk through this world you need to be firmly fixed in your own mind that God is AT PEACE with you, regardless of the “dirt” or voices that contradict the TRUTH that you are at peace with God which you hear in your mind. He encourages you to keep your thoughts fixed upon the TRUTH that HE IS AT PEACE WITH YOU, and you need to keep this TRUTH tightly bound to your conscience. Shoes offer protection against the “dangers” you walk on or through. Having a firm thought system that reaffirms to you that you and GOD are GOOD together at all times will enable you to STAND against the voices that would come and accuse you of being anything other than God’s Beloved!

Almost all of Paul’s letters to the Church begin with the words, “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Why is this? Because he knows that the SAINTS have had some issues arise and he will be addressing some of them, but BEFORE anything is said or done, he affirms to them that GOD IS FULL OF GRACE TOWARDS THEM AND AT PEACE WITH THEM!

At all times remember that God is at peace with you and that His grace and mercy abound towards you.

Grace and peace to you! 🤗😇😇






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    1. Hi Riana, may the glory of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ continue to open the eyes of your heart as you learn of Him more and more 🙂