Prepared for Battle! 14

Once you are prepared for battle you need to stand up and get ready for the fight. The fight is coming and may even be raging against you already but and there is no time like NOW to get your thoughts in order and take your stand.

Our fight is not one of physical violence and aggression as understood from a worldly perspective, it is an inward determination to STAND in a heavenly position or thought pattern where we think like He does. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians begins with your position in Christ and ends with your authority to rule and reign in the heavenly places. Everything from beginning to end is about you becoming a SAINT – a most holy one, inside and out!

So, our fight firstly is NOT against other human beings, including yourself. Your fight is not physical or external it is internal, mental and spiritual. Your fight is in realms called heavenly places and heaven, with all its realms and activities, Jesus said is within you. Now I know this makes no logical sense and it shouldn’t because Jesus said His Words and His kingdom are spiritually discerned. In other words, you have to step out of this world’s way of thinking and step into heaven and find out how heaven thinks. I promise you, it is not the same as this world we live in.

However, our fight is against entities or beings that God calls principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. Going into battle is not about seeking to know who your enemy is it is about seeking the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His kingdom in every circumstance, test and trial so that you may know how to STAND and hold your position IN CHRIST. All this happens in your imagination and other areas of your soul – the realm of thoughts and emotions.

David and Goliath is a classic example of how this battle takes place. Israel was at war with the Philistines, however, neither side was engaged in any physical warfare. The only war taking place was Goliath’s daily verbal abuse, slander, mockery, accusations against God, and other words of intimidation. His goal was to paralyze Israel’s ability to think and thereby entice them out of their covenant thoughts in God and draw them into His arena. He knew that if he could paralyze them through fear and intimidation that they would be easily conquered and enslaved. His goal was to kill one Israelite and thereby enslave the whole nation.

But, along comes David. A little shepherd boy who lived and fellowshipped with God in the desert where he was unseen and unheard. His mind was well established in the covenant that Israel had with God. when he arrived on the scene, he was shocked at what he heard and saw. Through his knowledge and experiences with God he had already killed a lion and a bear. Pease understand David’s mindset was very different to the rest of Israel.

When David looked at Goliath, he did not seek to know all about him, all he needed to know was that Goliath has no covenant with God and was therefore an easy foe to defeat. David sought to know what would happen to the person who overcame him. He wanted to know what the kingdom of Israel would have for him. Once he knew the plan the rest was history. He could not fit into the armour of the Saul. He was not accustomed in his mind nor his body to wear natural armour. He was familiar with the Lord’s armour, which was his internal thought structure which had been firmly established in the Word of God.

Goliath came at David with the same voice of fear and intimidation, but it could not penetrate David’s mind. David’s voice came back filled with the voice of God and declared exactly what would happen and it did. In one swoop David conquered Goliath, set Israel free and subdued the Philistine army. All because he thought differently.

You are no different. As you pass through this world you will encounter many Goliath’s or demonic entities that voice their threats towards you through people and circumstances. These threats will either cause you to retreat in fear and intimidation or inspire you to move into attack. Everything is about the words you hear within you and how you process those words and position yourself in your own mind.

Do not fear satan, fear God. Humble yourself under His mighty hand – his way and method of operation – then resist the voice of the accuser, Satan, and he will flee from you every time.

I hope this little series has inspired you to relook at how you hear and process your thoughts within you and that as you position your thoughts more and more into Christ Jesus that you too will win many battles and come into great victories, not only for yourself but also for your entire family and the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

To victory! 🤺🤴






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  1. This is diamonds , so valuble and presciuos in our daily walk of this life. I was seeking God on this subject of the daily armour and somebody sent me your link..What more can i say except God is great .Thank you

    1. Oh wow! That is so exciting! I hope you were blessed and that you will enjoy the things that are still to come. Don’t know what they’ll be yet but I trust the Holy Spirit will have some fun things to share. Be blessed in your walk with Him.

  2. God is great, HE is the only one who us with our problems, and the enemies of Jesus Christ.