Prepared for Battle! 2

There is an explosive force and power which comes from God that is within you. This power is called LOVE. It is not your love as in your own effort, but a powerful force that rises up from within you and then flows out from you.

In Romans 5:5 God reveals that your heart has been filled with HIS LOVE through the Holy Spirit who lives in you. This explosive, wonderful power is WITHIN YOU. You do not need to go somewhere to find it, it is right there, in your secret place, where you and the Lord dwell together. So, getting the love you need is not the problem, knowing how to consciously connect to it is the problem.

Being connected to God’s love in your mind is the fundamental key to your success.

Everything else is connected to this love that flows from the throne of God into your heart and spirit, then through to your soul and out through your body. This is the process of the battle. The battle is all about the flow of God’s love in and through you.

The battle begins WITHIN you first.

Many times, we want to change our circumstances through prayer without realising that the circumstances are not the problem, the voices we hear in our heads, the images we see in our minds and the emotions we feel in our hearts are the problems. Often, we override our own prayers through yielding ourselves to the accuser. The battle is all about WHO you are listening to.

Remember, Jesus is the VOICE/WORD of God and satan comes to contradict and nullify HIS voice.

Therefore, the battle or conflict is all about the truth that is in Jesus and the lie that is in the world. And it is a conflict! God said it is a battle and battles require energy and effort. The battle is between light and darkness, faith and fear, life and death, righteousness and sin.

This fight is not as we often imagine fighting either. This is a battle in which you have to learn to STAND. This means you are no longer pushed around in your thoughts from one side to the other and then back again. There is an energy or pressure or force that comes from both sides and this force is released in your thoughts (words/voices) and feelings. Once you are established on a firm foundation, being a firm decision that you have made for and by yourself within you, the battle begins. You are either going to fight against the Spirit of God or the spirit of satan or the world.

Your armour is all about what decisions to make between the two sides, which is really different opinions or philosophies. It’s your own internal belief system that determines the outcome. Putting on your armour and making a stand is all about the position you choose to take concerning the battle you are facing. As you learn to put on the armour your mind will shift, and you will begin to see things from heaven’s perspective. This will begin to transform your whole inner being and then the life you live in this world.

All things are possible to him/her that believes. Once you know what you believe and refuse to be moved from that position, you will begin to see the impossible become possible.

Also, Jesus said, “Fear not, for I have overcome the world.” He is in you, He loves you, He is with you, He is for you and He has already declared that you win.

I encourage you to sit down with yourself and have a good conversation between your spirit, your soul and your body. What are you talking about? And, yes, you do talk to yourself all the time. This does not mean you are crazy, but if you don’t become aware of what is going on inside you, you may find yourself going mad! 😊

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  1. Thank you for sharing this brilliant message. I look forward to reading more. God Bless.