Prepared for Battle! 6

Have you ever stopped to think about how you “put on” light? In the physical world we have no problem putting the light on, but how do you “put on” something that is invisible and looks like light?

Paul specifically uses the words ‘put on’ which implies that there are actions you need to be taking. You are not “automatically” dressed for battle or protected from the wicked schemes of the Accuser. Also, how do you begin to battle in a realm that you cannot connect to with your five senses? How do you go to battle with evil entities that exist in another realm?

Jesus said that He is the Light. In the spiritual realm we understand that He shines brighter than the sun and that He physically gives off light. In the spirit realm, provided that you are born of God, you also radiate light. However, that light takes on a different appearance in the realm of the soul. In the realm of the soul it takes on the form of His VOICE or His WORDS. These thoughts that come directly from the Lord reveal to you who He is to where you can begin to understand Him and engage with Him. As you engage the VOICE of Jesus and believe (accept) what He says is the TRUTH, His Voice and your voice become one voice and flood your imagination with Life. Over the process of time, or patience, those thoughts transform them selves into a visible manifestation in the physical world.

So, the “putting on” has to do with you clothing yourself with the thoughts of Jesus. As you “put on” His thoughts it will strengthen you so that you will be able to stand against the voice of the accuser. Accusation, which is the voice of Satan, principalities and other forces of darkness come against you to get you to clothe yourself with their thoughts and not those of Jesus. The only way that you will ever be successful in this life and bring heaven to earth is when you stand or position yourself IN the Word of God. All kinds of thoughts will assail the thoughts of the Lord within you and you have to learn to STAND your ground or hold your thoughts in position.

Learning to put your thoughts under control and to keep yourself positioned takes time and effort. However, as you become stronger your skill will increase and you will mature in the will of God for you.

Start with something the Lord has told you, whether it is a promise from the Bible or something He has told you personally or through prophecy, and then take time to think about it until you come to the point of deciding for yourself that it is TRUE. Once you have established your own thoughts concerning His Word, then mentally come against and refute every voice that tries to tell you it is not so.

Keep fighting the fight! It is a good one! 🙏






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  1. That is amazing….thank you so very much for taking time to share this with us…. ❤️🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️