Prepared for Battle! 7

You have been destined to conquer and rise victoriously in everything.

As a holy child of the Most High God there is nothing that comes against you that is able to stand and defeat you … UNLESS you choose to be submissive to that which exalts itself against the knowledge of God in you.

When it comes to being a conqueror and ruler over the world and all that is in it, remember who you are and what you are fighting. Firstly, you are NOT fighting other human beings, even though they may be manifesting stuff you don’t like! Secondly you are NOT fighting physical circumstances. Your fight is NOT against anything that you can touch, see, hear, taste or smell with your physical senses. Your fight is not with the natural, physical world you live in, even though it comes against you with great temptation.

Your fight is in a realm that is above the physical realm and it is in this realm, called the soul, that your fight takes place. It is a world that is invisible to the natural world and those around you, but it can be “felt” or “sensed” by the natural world. Have you ever been in a place where you feel something is wrong or you sense that there is something else present that you cannot see? Your physical body is connected to both the natural world as well as the world within your soul, and the world that is in your spirit. You are a spirit, a soul and a body and all three realms are closely associated with one another.

Your fight is also NOT in the spirit realm or the realm of heaven where God dwells. In heaven your victory has been established for all eternity and nothing can change that. Here you find yourself “IN HIM” or “IN HIS NAME” and “AS HE IS.” There is no battle here with the forces of darkness as in Him there is no darkness at all. In this realm demonic spirits have no access to you. The whole goal of the battle is to bring your whole being into the heavenly realm where Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father and where you have also been called to sit.

Becoming mature in Christ is about learning to sit and rule from this throne. It is from here that you move heaven through your soul to the earth.

The fight is found in the place of transition between heaven and earth which is your soul. Your soul is more than just your will and emotions but includes your conscience, your reasoning, your imagination, your mind, and your choices. These different faculties together make up your soul and it is in all these areas where you will have to engage with and defeat the enemy, his thoughts and accusations.

This is the realm in which Satan and demonic entities wage war with you and it is a WAR OF WORDS OR THOUGHTS. Satan uses the physical realm, both the good and the evil in it, to stop heaven from proceeding through your thoughts into the world around you, and God gives you the weapons to defeat him. God is not fighting FOR you, He fights WITH you. God teaches you how to think and see from your position IN HIM where you are far above all principality and power and every other name that can be named.

Your armour that you need to put on is the mind or thoughts of Christ. Once you are fully clothed, or your thoughts are fully centered in Him, then you can take your sword and do much damage to the kingdom of darkness.

Till tomorrow …

Enjoy the fight and have a wonderful and awesome day! 😂






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