Truth, what is truth? Age old question with so many answers. If you are trying to determine what truth is from a human and natural perspective, you will never find the “True Truth.” There is only one truth that is real, that can be trusted, that can be depended upon, and that truth IS JESUS CHRIST.

Human truth varies from person to person as we all have our own perceptions and belief structures. We may be totally wrong in something we believe but to us it is true. This is the cause of so many wars, fights and contentious issues. Everybody has a desire to fight for their own rights and their own way because they believe their way is the truth.

I’m going to make a statement and before you fall off your throne please bear with me and keep reading 😊.

Neither is the Bible The Truth.  The Bible contains many facts and statements which are true in their report concerning a matter, but many of the acts are not acts that are in keeping with THE TRUTH. Judas hanged himself, however, it was not Jesus who instructed him to do so! David slept with Bathsheba and later killed her husband. This is true but it is not THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH is that none of these actions were the plan or desire of the One who is THE TRUTH. The Bible is an instruction manual given to us to help and guide us in our pursuit of the TRUTH.

THE TRUTH is a person called THE WORD OF GOD and He lives in a realm called heaven. The truth we are wanting to engage with is not a natural being, He is God and it is His thoughts, found in Jesus Christ alone, that we are seeking to know and understand. Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. His truth, or the way He thinks about something is the only truth that matters. As Jesus said, let God be true and every man a liar.

When it comes to your life with the Lord and your walk with Him the first thing you need to establish for yourself is that He is THE TRUTH and anything outside of Him is not. Now, His thoughts and ways are opposed to the way the world thinks and operates. In taking a stand against the enemy you have to have the truth firmly established within you. Deep down, in your inward and secret place, you need to find and establish yourself upon what Jesus has said concerning you and your circumstances.

Remember, you are not alone. The Holy Spirit, who is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH will lead you, guide you and teach you. He loves you, He is greater than the thoughts of your enemy and will teach you to discern that which is of Christ and that which isn’t. Also, He is patient and will not correct everything at once. He teaches and instructs little by little, line upon line and precept upon precept. Establishing His truth within you is a peaceful, friendly and joyful experience.

To establish the TRUTH that is in Jesus within you take an area in your mind that you have an issue with. Sit quietly and talk to the Holy Spirit about it. Ask Him for wisdom and understanding. What does He want you to know? Learn to make it a pleasant time just “chilling” in His presence. Think about what you are thinking and feeling. Do you think your thoughts are correct? Search the Scriptures, listen to others but always pay attention to what has been said. The TRUTH will always lead you into peace and joy.

May your “belly” bubble with the exciting truths that He shares with you.

The Lord bless you! 😁😁






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