Sardis 20

The angel over the church of Philadelphia carries the message, or revelation, of Jesus as the One who is Holy, the One who is true, and who holds the key of David. What He opens no one can shut and what He shuts no one can open.

Some translations use the phrase “these are the solemn words of the Holy One.” The word solemn means awe-inspiring and I think this is awesome as everything about the Lord is awe-inspiring. He is the One who inspires awe and wonder. My prayer is that His words inspire joyful thoughts of awe and wonder within you. PS: If the words you hear from preachers do not inspire you to awe and wonder and ignite a joy to serve Him within you, you may want to reconsider what you are listening to.

It’s the key of David that Jesus holds which opens the mystical door to the realm of heaven that make His words so awe-inspiring, holy, and true. What is this “key of David” that has so much power? There are many interpretations or answers out there, but I believe it is the key to GOD’S LOVE. Philadelphia is known as the church of God’s love. These saints held onto their faith and love for the Lord in spite of there weaknesses and persevered in His message of truth and holiness anyway.

I also believe the doors Jesus refers to are revelations of Him and the kingdom of heaven and specific physical things that we desire. The saints in Philadelphia were battling against the synagogue (teachings of Satan and the philosophies of this world) and those who claim to be from God. Satan twists the doctrines of the Lord just enough to keep you dependent upon the things of this world and not on the Lord. Satanic philosophies are built around messages that tell you how horrible and weak you are to keep you focused on trying to improve your looks, status, health, wealth, etc., in this life so that you can be “acceptable” to them. This is a very dangerous philosophy as it keeps you snared and imprisoned to this world instead of the magnificent world of your Father where you are completely perfect, without fault, without flaws, and without condemnation or criticism.

Jesus came to unlock the wonderful, full, and accepting love of God towards you. He demonstrated the fulness of God’s love for you when He went to the cross and paid the price of your redemption – He bought you out of the realm of eternal death – and recreated you (reformed and refashioned you) into the perfect image of a child of God. In His kingdom you have absolutely everything you could ever need or desire. In His kingdom sin and death have no say over you because you belong to the Father. And the Father loves you as much as He loves Jesus.

It is the door to the Father’s love and His heavenly kingdom that He opens to those who love Him; those who believe in His name. This love, that is not based upon your worldly perfection, that no demon from hell, nor any other created thing in heaven and on earth, can keep you from. The door to your Father’s house is wide open and you are free to go there any time you want or to just dwell there all the time.

The reverse is also true. The doors (words of Jesus Christ) to the Father’s love are closed to those who are of the synagogue (the philosophies of this world) of Satan. If you try to come into the presence of the Father through these worldly performance-based philosophies, you will find yourself before a closed door. That is not the way to the Father. There is only one way, one door, to the Father and that is through the doctrines of Jesus Christ, rooted and founded upon His forgiveness of all your sin through His powerful blood. It is the Lord’s unfailing and unconditional love for you that gives you access to the wonderful, glorious, awe-inspiring, kingdom of the Father’s eternal love.

This is the greatest power in the universe and through your humble acknowledgement of His love for you in spite of you, that will cause the powers of this world to bow at your feet and declare that God truly loves you!

Make a decision today to walk into and to accept the love God has for you and do not let any other voice tell you that you do not qualify because of some weakness or fault in your life.

The Father loves you! 💕


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