Sardis 22

Now that we have finished looking at the seven stars and their messages we can continue with the rest of Jesus’ letter to Sardis. One thing that has amazed me over the last few days is the new revelations and information the Lord opened my eyes to regarding the heavens. Far too much information to share now as I am still processing it, but truly this journey with the Lord is anything but boring! I pray the Lord blow your mind with wonderful revelations too!

I want you to notice that in every letter Jesus writes to His saints He deals with their relationship with Him and their eternal inheritance. Most of Revelation deals with heavenly things and how they relate to you on earth. His focus is not your sin but rather how to overcome the enemy of your soul – sin and death – so that you can participate in the glory of His kingdom. He is not mad with you or His people!

Only after introducing the saints in Sardis to His heavenly family, the seven spirits and the seven stars, and the magnificent relationship there is between them and the heavenly family, does He reveal the thing that is causing them to be held captive by the enemy. He says the following to them:

“I know all that you do, and I know that you have a reputation of being really “alive” but you are actually dead.” (Rev 3:1 TPT)

Please note He is talking to the saints, those who are born of His Father, His precious new creation, who are born again, saved, and going to heaven! He is not addressing unbelievers. He is not dealing with a heaven and hell issue. The saints have already passed from death to life through their faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is dealing with their WORKS, not their salvation. As His beloved He is always interested in your works and what you do. He says that He knows everything you do – the good, the bad, and the ugly! There is no hiding from Him and there is no sin worth hiding from Him either. It does not matter what you have done or how bad you think you have sinned, or even if you think you have lost your salvation because of it, that will change the Father’s mind concerning you. You are His – forever!

Now, their works were not up to standard in His eyes. Here again it is important to know what Jesus means by “your works.” Obviously, we know that deliberately sinning is a bad work, and if you are doing any of those bad works, then stop it! Get over it. Living with death can never and will never compare with living with the Lover of your soul!

Bad works are these: sexual immorality, impurity, promiscuity, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, rivalry, jealousy, outbursts of anger, quarrels, conflicts, factions, envy, murder, drunkenness, wild partying, and things like that. I am telling you now, as I have told you in the past, that if you practice such things you will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Gal 5:19-21)

The saints had a reputation of being “alive” – serving God, going to church, doing church activities, etc., which all look righteous and holy. It is one thing to look like a good Christian, yet in your heart you participate with what Jesus considers dead. The saints had a good religion going but no fellowship with Him or His kingdom. Jesus is making sure to get their attention through the bluntness of His language.

When Jesus becomes stern with His beloved it is always for correction and protection from the evil one. The eternal glory and reward He has for His people are for the ones who overcome the evil one, not the one who joyfully participates with the evil one.

“I am the Lord who searches the heart, who test the inner depths to give each person according to what he deserves, according to the fruit of His deeds.” (Jer 17:10 ISV)

The Lord has great and wonderful things planned for you and He has no desire to have the enemy rob you of it.

You are loved


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