Sardis 3

Now, the Lord asked me a very interesting question as I was meditating on His letter to Sardis. He introduces two different classes of angelic beings or angels. He holds the seven stars and the seven spirits. I am acquainted with the seven spirits but do not know them well yet. They are before the throne and as you frequent the throne, at the appointed time, the Father will introduce them to you. But more about them in another blog.

Where He challenged me was on the stars or the seven angels that preside over the churches. In all honesty, I have never considered them before, never mind being introduced to them. I have heard teachings on the seven spirits but never on the seven angels other than that they were given the letters that John wrote to give to the churches. That left me with a question? Who are they and what do they do? How do they interact with the church and how do they interact with you personally?

Before we continue looking into this awesome mystery that Jesus invites us to come and explore, I want you to look at this strange statement that Jesus makes in His discussion with Nicodemus about being born-again.

I speak eternal truths about things I know, things I’ve seen and experienced – and still you don’t accept what I reveal. If you’re unable to understand and believe what I’ve told you about the natural realm, what will you do when I begin to unveil the heavenly realm? (Jn 3:11-12 TPT)

And in verse 3 Jesus says that unless a person is born-again, they cannot see the kingdom of heaven. Which means that if you are born again you CAN SEE the kingdom of heaven! Jesus came to reveal the reality of the eternal kingdom of heaven to you and me. But are we stuck in our natural thinking and like Nicodemus struggling to understand the things Jesus talks about?

Not only that, we are now the children of God, we are now no longer human because God says we are strangers and aliens on this planet. Therefore, the next time anyone asks you whether you believe in extra-terrestrial beings your answer should be, “Yes, I am one!” 😊 Extra- terrestrial beings have this unique ability to move between different dimensions! Jesus did and so should we. This is His invite to John in Revelation 4:1. The invite to “Come up here …” is for you as well.

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, … (Heb 4:16)

The throne of grace is a real heavenly place (which you access from within you) where the Father sits upon a throne. This is where He invites you to come. But do you go there? Are you aware of all the things and heavenly beings that surround the throne of God? For most of my Christian life my prayer life was totally devoid of these things simply because I did not believe I could see heaven before I died! Yet this is very contrary to what Jesus said. He said that if you are born again you could see heaven and go there.

So, the big question then is, “HOW?” How do you go and how do you see? Here I encourage you to start asking the Lord to open the eyes of your heart and your understanding about heavenly things. If you do not seek for them, you will not find them. If you don’t ask, you will not receive. The Father gives you the desires of your heart and if these things are not your desires then they will not become realities for you while you are on earth.

If the things Jesus reveals to His church are not meant for us this side of heaven, then He would not have put them in the Bible for us. There are many things that He has not written about. Some things He has written about are shrouded in mystery and only revealed to those who want to know and seek Him for it. All of these things are available to you this side of heaven because you have a heavenly assignment to fulfil and in order to do so you will need to know the things of heaven. You are called a son/daughter of God – a being that comes from heaven – and you have been sent here with an assignment- to bring heaven to earth.

If we do not know what heaven looks like how will we know what the earth should look like?

Welcome to the enchantments of heaven! 😊


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