Sardis 35

The robe of righteousness that Jesus gives to the saints is glorious and recognised in heaven. Our Father clothes every one of His children in this beautiful robe. Now you may think that wearing the same white robe for the rest of your life is a little drab, just like baking cookies, having picnics, and playing harps.

Seriously, the Lord and Creator of heaven and earth has no plans for us once we leave planet earth? What crazy notions we have of what heaven is going to be like. Heaven is busy, very busy, and YHWH has plans and purposes for you that you are not yet able to imagine – they would so completely overwhelm you and your physical body would die from a heavenly ecstasy overdose! Yes, the joy of heaven is intoxicating and dangerous to the current state of your mind and body.

And wait till you see the white robe He gives you. If you think Joseph had a technicoloured dream coat, wait till you see yours. White contains all the colours of the colour spectrum which is far greater in heaven.  This robe changes colour and stays white. It is quite amazing and very beautiful. Colours have meaning and representation in heaven. I have had very small glimpses of my robe and I promise you it is anything but boring. So is the rest of you!

But coming back to righteousness. Righteousness is a legal decree, or a judgment issued from the courts of heaven that has exonerated you where sin is concerned. You are no longer guilty and cannot be held guilty for it. God has declared you to be without sin, this is His justification of you, and now you stand in the heaven and before His throne without an ounce of sin within you. Now you are tasked with knowing your legal righteousness, not sin.

So why do we still have so many issues with sin, sickness, and death? If Jesus has done it all and has conquered the devil and His kingdom now rules and reigns overall, why does He not just finish what He started? Because your life here on this planet is His gift to you and He has given you everything you need to overcome the devil. This is your purpose and glory now. You are called to be a dragon slayer and a demon destroyer. All because the law of righteousness, or the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, has decreed that you are not guilty of sin. Someone is guilty though – the devil and all those principalities and powers associated with him – they are the guilty parties!

And just because the law of heaven has decreed you righteous does not mean Satan and his associates will obey the law. They are criminals and enter your world to steal, kill, and destroy without permission. They don’t look for God’s permission nor yours. They have a mission which is to steal, to kill, and to destroy you, the rest of humanity, and all of creation. And they do this very effectively through keeping you, and the rest of us, trapped in our thoughts and feelings of guilt and condemnation. They steal your joy in Christ and then rob you blind.

It’s time to arise and put a stop to Satan and his schemes in your life. You do this through the knowledge of righteousness in your mind. You learn to align your thoughts and feelings with the truth that is in Jesus and not the facts that are in this world. When you do you release His love within your own heart towards yourself and others. This is a declaration of war against darkness. Righteous thoughts release light, love and life. These are the weapons that God has given you to conquer sin and death. As we arise in the knowledge of who we are and that God has forgiven us through the blood, no demon in hell, no principality in the heaven, no force on earth will be able to withstand the glory of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Arise, shine, oh most holy one! 😊


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