Sardis 5

Let’s continue our journey of discovery into the seven spirits before the throne, who they are and how they function in your life.

The closest Scripture we have as to their identity is in Isaiah 11:2.

The spirit of the LORD will rest upon Him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the spirit of the fear of the Lord.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. (Pr 25:2)

There are many things that God has hidden in His Word. These are the treasures of His kingdom and they are precious. He reveals His secrets to His friends so if you want to know these wonders then you need to have a strong friendship with Him first. Please remember that everything in your life is about you and your heavenly Father.

Jesus put these spirits in an order in Isaiah, but this order may not be the order in which He reveals them to you so please don’t number them. This is an adventure, a treasure hunt, a mystery that you have been called to take part in. Enjoy every moment in your search with the Lord and don’t get stressed out because things are not happening like you think they should. You are not learning to follow yourself but to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Let Him be Lord! Please!

The names of the seven spirits are revealed in Isaiah. These are the seven spirits that stand before the throne of God. They stand there waiting for you to show up so that they can begin working with you in relation to the Father’s call upon your life. They are there to teach and train you in the ways of the kingdom and to becoming a fully matured son/ daughter of God who can reign with Him in His kingdom. Do not take this calling lightly and do not be dishonourable towards them. They are full of love and life, but they are also there to discipline and train you. While your ultimate calling and position is higher than theirs, right now they hold the position of authority in God over you.

All these seven spirits operated fully in the life of Jesus and they brought Him to full maturity as the Son of God. They “rested” upon Him. To rest means to settle down, dwell, set upon. They dwelt with Jesus and were fully operative in His life here on earth with Him and they are now assigned to work with you and to bring you into who you are as His son/daughter. They have been working with you since the day you were born into the kingdom of God but now, I believe the Father is wanting to introduce them to your conscience (your soul).

These angelic beings are not omnipresent which means you need to go to where they are. This can happen in the power of the Holy Spirit while you are not conscious of them or it can happen as you learn to engage with them. Either way, they operate under the anointing and instruction of the Holy Spirit.

So why would the Holy Spirit not just do everything Himself? Simple, He is not boring, and the Father has an eternal world of life and fun and pleasure laid out for you. Everything heaven has is yours to explore. The things God has planned for you are so vast and far beyond your imagination, and you can learn to enter all this glory now. Imagine if you only had one person to talk to all your life. How boring would that be. God has a family and you are one of His kids. He has a whole universe filled with angelic and other heavenly beings that want to engage with you and show you their part in the Father’s kingdom and how you fit into their world!

What an adventure our Father has set up for us! 😊


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