Sardis 6

Who or what are the seven spirits that Jesus holds in His hand? If they were not important or relevant to your life, then Jesus would not have mentioned them. The fact that He reveals them is enough evidence to tell you that there is something important here which is involved in your relationship with Him.

The seven spirits are angelic beings that are positioned before the throne of God. Unless you are active in your relationship with the Lord in the throne room you will probably not encounter them. This is not because Jesus does not want you to but more because you don’t go up to where He is.  Neither does it mean they have not been active in your life, they have, you may just not be conscious of them.

For many saint’s prayer has been more about bringing God DOWN here to where we are instead of Him taking us UP to where He is seated at the right hand of the Father. Don’t feel bad about this if this is you because for most of my Christian walk, I had no idea either. But this is not the will of God. Jesus expressly mentions them which means you need to know who they are and how they are involved in your life as a believer.

Do they operate independently of the Holy Spirit? No, the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus, and the Father oversee all that goes on in your life, however, they have many helpers that they have assigned to you to teach you and train you. The Holy Spirit is and always will be your primary Teacher and He is the one that leads you into all truth. If you do not want to know the things that go on in the throne room of heaven right now, then He is not going to force you. He leads and guides you into the truth, which involves knowing Jesus as well as knowing His kingdom.

But, since you are reading this blog, the chances are that the Holy Spirit is leading you to investigate this wonderful mystery that He has invited you to participate in as one of His children. Knowing the seven spirits as well as the seven stars is crucial to your walk as a believer in this world, especially if you want to attain to the rewards that He has for you, if you overcome the enemy that the saints in Sardis faced.

Also, Jesus is the one who opens the door for you to enter. He said that no one can come to the Father, or into the Father’s presence, except through Him. In learning about these precious angelic beings only comes through your pursuit of Jesus and the Father. Going into the heavens or to the throne should never be about you but about you getting to know God. As you get to know God, they will invite you into their sanctuary and introduce you to those who are there.

The way I got to know them was first through hearing someone talk about them. I knew the Scripture about them being before the throne but had never given them any thought and neither had I ever asked the Lord about them. Once I heard that I could know them I began to ask the Lord to reveal them to me. Remember, whatever you ask Him in His name, He will give it to you. How much more would He not give you the revelations of His kingdom that you are seeking? It is your Father’s delight to give you the kingdom and these beings are a part of his kingdom.

Then I began to give attention to them in my own thoughts. I would read and look at what the Scriptures said and start wondering what it would be like to meet them. Slowly, the Lord began to open the eyes of my heart and I became more and more conscious of them when I went into prayer times. I did not know what to expect but my desire to know them increased the more I thought about them.

The first one that I had an encounter with was the spirit of Wisdom. While worshiping the Lord in prayer one morning I felt the presence of an angelic being walk into the room and place her hand on my shoulder. Without words being spoken I knew that Wisdom had just walked into the room. It was not Jesus; His presence is different. In the next blog we will talk a bit more about the spirit of Wisdom.

Take some time today to think about what you think about what Jesus said in Rev 3:1

“These are the words of Him who holds the seven spirits and the seven stars …”

May your week be filled with the wonderful mysteries of heaven. 😊


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