Sardis 7

To deal with each of the seven Spirits of God that are before His throne will take many blogs, and maybe one day I will do a more in-depth blog about them. For now, though, I will give you a brief overview for you to think about as you ask the Father to give you a greater revelation of these majestic beings.

Remember, they all operate and function under the inspiration or instruction of the Holy Spirit. Nothing in heaven or the heavenly realms happens without the direct involvement of the Holy Spirit in your life, including those whom He allows to access your life, whether in heaven or on earth. You belong to Jesus, bought, and paid for by His blood and sealed in the protection of the Holy Spirit. Nothing and no one can separate you from them or the love that they have for you.

Also, the realm or kingdom of heaven is righteousness, joy, and peace. These are a powerful and save guide to keep you moving in the right direction. You are being transformed into the image of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If you keep your mind on seeking them, you will be just fine. But, I promise you, if you will seek the Lord and ask Him to reveal the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven to you, you will embark on a journey that you have not yet even begun to imagine.

Happy seeking, knocking, asking, and finding.

I have only just come into the revelation of these precious Spirits of God and I am still learning to let them work with me in my life. Therefore, I cannot impart too much to you from personal revelation and will share with you some of what I have as notes that I use to help my mind engage with them. You will have to do the same, but as I said previously, if Jesus came to reveal them to you and me as part of our victory over the works of Satan then we really do need to get to know them.

The Spirit of Wisdom

There are many Scriptures, especially in Proverbs, that talk about the Spirit of Wisdom. This Spirit is always referred to as “she” or “her.” Do not be offended at this, just remember that when God created Adam and Eve, He first created them together as one Being. Thereafter He separated Eve, but she was still created in “Their” image. God has both the male and the female essence within Him, so it makes sense that there are other feminine entities in heaven.

Wisdom engages you and teaches you about your position in heaven and on earth. Riches and prosperity are part of her function and these riches or blessings will function in the life of anyone who seeks her – that means unbelievers have access to her wisdom too. If you are struggling financially then you need to gain wisdom concerning finances and wealth. The Spirit of Wisdom will help you if you seek it. Her delight however is in the righteous, that is in you, and she will teach you how to rule over the affairs of your life with joy and justice.

Scripture References: Proverbs (whole book).

Whenever you read the word wisdom stop and imagine the Spirit of Wisdom being present with you there and training you. It will greatly change the way you perceive the kingdom of heaven.

All the manifestations of the seven Spirits of God are hidden behind the words that reveal them. For example, whenever you read the word understanding, look for the Spirit of Understanding hidden behind the word. Scripture is simply a doorway, or gateway, in your imagination that gives you access into the heavenly realms.

Have some fun this weekend seeking for and finding the Spirit of Wisdom hidden within the Book of Proverbs.

Have a “wisdom-filled” weekend. 😇


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