See, Learn, Know

I awoke from a dream this morning and while lying in bed contemplating the dream the following words drifted into my consciousness.

See – learn – know

As I thought about these words the Holy Spirit showed me a secret to coming to the place where you know the Word as living words, words of fellowship which deepen your understanding of Jesus and His love for you. Jesus said that when you know (experience as a real and living thing) the truth the truth will set you free – or bring you into the place where you are no longer in bondage to things that hold you down.

The process He showed me was this:

First you need to be able to “see” the word. To see is different from to hear. Often it is difficult to see the Word in your imagination but unless you see you will not go to the next step. Seeing often begins with hearing as words paint pictures. What often happens is that you hear a promise from God, for example, but those words are never given the opportunity to become more than something that was heard. They remain words in your mind but not visual images.

Second, once you have a vivid imagination of what that promise would look like you need to memorise or “learn” to hold that image in your mind. This is how you learn. You take that image and allow it to take on a life within you. You talk to the Lord about that promise and give thanks for it often. It is through thanksgiving that the imagination and reality of it gets stronger. The imagination of this truth needs to grow in strength within you to where you could see it even with your eyes open, it becomes so real. This takes time and practice.

Third, you come to the place where you “know” it is the truth and nothing can change your mind. No negative circumstance can move you from your position because your own heart and mind have become convinced that the Word of Jesus is true. Once this truth has affected your emotions and thoughts to the point of no return you have entered the place where you know the truth and it will set you free. This freedom is first internal, and you will find yourself not caring whether it has manifest in the natural yet. Your inward reality is greater than your outward reality. This is the kind of faith that pleases God because He can answer your faith (prayer).

I don’t know the circumstances you are facing or the prayers you need answered but whatever they may be remember you need to be operating in faith towards God. The foundation of faith is love. Circumstances will lie to you about the love of God towards you, citing things like, “You should be healed,” or “You should have your needs met,” or any other accusation against the goodness and faithfulness of God to take care of you. This only happens because you cannot “see” His goodness and faithfulness towards you.

It begins with what you see in your own mind and heart. It does not matter what someone else sees or what they believe. This is a personal thing between you and the Lord. You need to develop your “face to face” relationship with Him so that you can see Him answering you, then you need to learn that what you see is true and work it in your mind through thanksgiving until no opposing voice has any place in you. At that point you will find yourself coming into wonderful union and fellowship with the Lord and His will becomes the dominant voice and authority in your life.

Stuff will happen. I promise you 😊.


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