Selling Salvation

I have guests that arrived in my home last night and while doing “small talk” we spoke about the photo I have of our daughter, Giselle’s, wedding. Somewhere in the conversation I told them that she and Peter have just finished Bible School and are doing ministry work, to which my guest laughed and said, “We call these people those who sell salvation!”

I found the words “selling salvation” so interesting. How do you sell something that can only be given as a free gift? And that’s the story of grace and salvation. There is nothing you can do or give to “buy” your salvation. Even if you accumulated all the wealth on this planet, or even owned the planet, or the universe, you could not buy salvation.

Salvation is God’s free gift because it required the blood of a man that has never been contaminated with sin. When it comes to uncontaminated blood we all fail. Our blood will never be good enough to pay for salvation. Because of this God sent Jesus to be born as a man into this world through a virgin birth. His blood came from God and not a man. This made His body an acceptable sacrifice, and the shedding of His blood the price for the removal of sin which resulted in the free gift of salvation, given by God and God alone.

So, stop trying to “earn” that which is freely given to you through the blood of Christ. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can get you forgiven. Nothing but the blood makes you righteous, holy and acceptable in God’s sight. Anytime you come to Him, His blood is washed over you and wipes away any sin, fault, or failure you think you have. His Voice will clean and heal your body at the same time. He is a good God, full of love and mercy, grace and favour, towards you.

All you have to do is be thankful for what He has done!

My guests are going to “receive” salvation 😊 😊 😊

Have a wonderful day.





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