Serenading Jesus

How “on earth” do you serenade someone that is “in heaven”?

There is something awesome that happens when you voluntarily come into the presence of the Lord to sing and play music to Him. When you come into His presence, His life lights up. His heart begins to sing, and He gets up to dance over you and with you with great joy and passion. There is nothing in all of creation that can be compared to YOU and the joy that YOU are to Him when you come to be with Him.

God’s greatest desire is for you to know Him. Above all else He desires for you to live in His presence, to see Him, to behold Him, to touch Him, to love Him. He loves you so much and He longs for your presence.

The only thing that stands between you and the full blown manifest presence of God in your life is your own sin conscience which makes you feel guilty and unworthy. When you focus on your short-comings, faults, failures, sins, bad relationships, difficult circumstances etc., you build a wall between yourself and the presence of God. This wall is built in your conscience and this evil conscience prevents you from experiencing the fullness of God.

When you live your life through the knowledge of this world with all its sin and unrighteousness you will at best have a very distorted image of God. This is not how God wants you to view life, neither is it how He wants you to experience it. When you are trapped in a conscience that is filled with guilt and condemnation because of sin it is greatly displeasing and grieving to God. It is NOT that He is angry or disappointed with you, but that Satan has been able to influence your thinking towards Him and as a result prevent you from having full access to Him and His kingdom.

The solution to the dilemma is a righteous conscience!

A righteous conscience is developed, in part, when you serenade the Lord. When you sing a new song, one that you composed in your own heart, filled with gratitude which is focused on who He is (remember you are serenading Him, not yourself), that your conscience begins to change. Your image and perception of who He is gets heightened as He is magnified in your own heart and imagination.

The Lord wants you to live in heaven here on earth. He wants you to have the time of your life in His presence and He wants you to enjoy your life to the full. Forsake the idea of “one day when I get to heaven I will be happy.” You can be happy here and now. You can have every good and perfect gift that the Father has for you right here, right now. When you serenade the Lord, you open your heart for heaven to invade your life.


May you experience heaven on earth! 😊





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  1. Hymns from the heart and singing in the Spirit. I often play a worship song and instead of singing its lyrics, I sing in the Spirit. Very refreshing.

    1. That’s awesome. Keep being filled while you serenade your Lord. He is proud to have you as His daughter!