Life with Jesus is serendipitous! As you live in a happy place fellowshipping with the Lord in your heart, valuable and pleasant things that you were not looking for or expecting just start happening.

Some call these serendipitous experiences “favour”, but whatever name you give it Jesus explains it best. Again and again He spoke about His kingdom to His disciples. He told them to constantly chase after God’s kingdom. The more you do this the more the good things of life will simply find their way to you! (Mat 6:33)

However, this heavenly kingdom is not of this realm that we see, and hear, and feel, and smell, and taste. It is in another realm, or dimension, in which God, angels, living creatures and our loved ones that have gone before us live in. This realm, called heaven, is within you. That means you do not have to go anywhere or spend any money to get there! It is free, it is available, it is yours, it is in you.

When you chase after God in your heart and imagination, heaven awakens within you and it is so much fun. It’s not about being perfect, or outwardly holy, but rather about chasing after the One who loves you so much more than you could imagine. When you learn to enjoy the Lord, like a child with a loving father, you will find His delight in you causing your life to be serendipitous!

He promised, and He is always faithful, that when you chase after Him in love and gratitude, He would chase after you and bless you with everything you need and more. You will not need to worry about tomorrow, because He would already have taken care of it. You will be fine!

All He needs is for you to love Him and chase after Him with joy, passion and childlike fun. He will let you catch him and when you do He will deposit something of great value and pleasure into your life. It will be a treasure to you now and in the life to come.

I pray your eyes be opened to the wonder and the joy that your Father has set up for you and made available to you through Jesus, and that the rest of your life bubbles over with joy and delight as you chase after each other.

Have a serendipitous day! 😊





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