Shiny Face!

There is a prayer in Psalm 31:16 which is, “Lord, let your face shine on me, save me in your unfailing love.

The words, “let Your face shine on me,” got my attention. What does that mean? I have sung songs about it but how do I know when His face is shining on me? I began to ask the Lord to shine His face on me and show me what He means. As He spoke I saw His face shine! Then I had to be quiet so that I could hear Him speak simply because beholding Him is so mesmerizing! 😊

The Lord encourages us to seek His face and to know His voice. He desires us to experience Him in His fulness and not just pieces – even though we remain so grateful for every “piece” He shares with us.

When John heard the Lord’s voice behind Him he turned to see who it was that spoke to Him. Sometimes Jesus comes from behind you so that you can turn to see Him. Sometimes I believe the Lord approaches you from behind, where you hear His voice but don’t see His face, so that He can take your eyes of what we are looking at and refocus them on Him instead.

When you see His face in your heart then be bold and have fellowship with Him. Listen to Him. Ask Him questions, chat. Relax and enjoy His presence. Be still. Laugh. Cry. Rejoice. He is your friend and sticks closer to you than a brother or sister. As you fellowship with Him His heart rejoices and His face shines. When His face is shining His favour is being released over you and angels get empowered to move on your behalf.

Pray and praise Him continually until you become engaged with Him in your heart (imagination) then listen to what He wants to say. Then get quiet so that He can speak. He loves to talk, and He wants to talk to you. He wants to show you things. He wants you to have fun with Him, to enjoy Him and to pay attention to Him.

When you draw near to His unfailing love, you will find that He is much closer to you than you ever dreamed or imagined.

May your weekend be sweet and filled with His joyful presence.





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