Shrewd Excuses!

Have you ever thought about the excuses you make up when things are not going as they should, or you are not doing what you know you ought to be doing?

I found myself in this position many times over the last few months when it comes to being faithful to the blog. The blog was a request (I don’t like the word command as religion has turned it into something unpleasant) the Lord asked of me, and I agreed. Writing blogs is not generally difficult for me, however, over the last few months I came to experience what many writers call “writers block.”

The truth is that I had no “writers block” but more of a need to do other things which took my focus away from what should have been my first “order of business.” So, I developed an excuse that made me feel better because I had such pressing needs with the business. I told myself that as soon as my project launched, I would be back in full swing. But, as is so often the case, life never let up. The demands just intensified, problems mounted, more time is needed, …. And the list of excuses goes on.

After a while of excusing myself before the Lord a strange new thing began to happen to me, writers block! I would get up with all my good intentions to write and ended up just staring at the screen and not being able to put two words together. Frustrated at myself a little whisper arose and told me, “It’s okay, take care of the business and when you are finished you can focus on writing.” The problem is that business never stops.

It’s time for repentance! (Cancel the excuses and get on with the job.)

There are thousands of reasons we make excuses for, but none are as detrimental to us as those we make concerning our relationship with the Lord. And our God, in all His mercy and goodness came to remove every excuse we make. When things go wrong, we claim the devil is our problem. So, God sent His Son into the world to deal with the devil and conquered him at the cross. We say our sin separates us from God, so He gave His blood to wash away our sin. We say darkness is our problem, so He made us light. We say we are sick, so He was beaten to heal us. We say that we are dead, so He gave us eternal life. We say we have no friends, so He became our friend and brought angels with Him. We say we have no wealth, so He became poor so that we could become rich. And the list goes on. For every excuse we have, God came and removed it.

Now we are without excuse.

All that remains is that we repent, which is to change our mind from one way of thinking to another and get one with the wonderful relationship that He offers to us. And it is a relationship, not a set of tedious commands that seem impossible to execute. It’s time to leave the business of the world and to step up into the Father’s presence and just enjoy being with Him.

He loves you and is calling you to focus your thoughts on things above. He is calling you upward to come and have some time with Him.

Happy weekend 😊


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