There is something so interesting that caught my attention as I considered Jesus instruction to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you because God is good to all. Along with this instruction Jesus says something seemingly insignificant. (Mat 5:43-48)

He links loving your enemies to only loving those who love you as of no value because the world does the same. In other words, there is no eternal reward found in loving those who you like and have a good relationship with. Praying for and being nice to those who have your favour only has value here on earth, but if you want eternal rewards then you must learn to love and pray for those you don’t want around you because they offend you. Therein is the real treasure of heaven.

But that is not what caught my eye. He continues to say what reward is there in only greeting friends and family? What on earth has greeting someone got to do with heavenly power and glory? What kind of heavenly power is there in smiling at someone and saying, “Hello!?” I had to think about that one because this is too simple to be of great, majestic, heavenly power. I mean, how does that compare to raising someone from the dead or selling all you have to follow Jesus? A smile and a hello are not difficult to do. We all know that the nod of your head means, “Hi!” You don’t even have to talk.

“It has to do with acceptance.” I heard the still whisper of the Father. A simple smile of acknowledgment releases a feeling of love and acceptance within the person you are smiling at. When someone you don’t know smiles at you it puts you at ease in that person’s presence because they have welcomed you. When you smile at someone you don’t know, they know you know nothing about their faults and failures, yet you were willing to acknowledge their presence and accept them with no ulterior motive. All you did was smile.

“People don’t see Me smiling at them.” I heard the sorrow in His voice. I closed my eyes and looked at the Father. He was simply smiling at me. I smiled back and joy flooded my soul and tears welled up in my eyes. I felt the Father’s love and acceptance with no pressure to please Him or to do anything. All He wanted was to smile at me. (I’m emojonal now while I write.) I feel so accepted and so “okay” in His presence.

Please take a moment to close your eyes and give the Lord a smile and a ‘Hi.’ Let Him smile back at you. No words, no conversation, just smile. Try sit there and do nothing but smile with Him for two minutes. Then think about what that does to your feelings. There is tremendous power in a smile because a smile comes with no strings attached. As you practice this the power of love in the Father’s smile will overwhelm you completely.

It is this same power that you release into the soul of another person when you simply smile and acknowledge them with a “Hi” and a nod of your head. The power in your smile disarms the enemy and releases the Father’s light and love from within you towards that person. What a simple and yet profound weapon you have. And to top it all, when you greet your enemies with a smile, you receive eternal recognition and reward from your Father.

Today, let’s go on a mission to simply smile and greet everyone we see. Let’s release the Father’s love towards all people. No strings attached.



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  1. Being nice to people who constantly plan to harm you is not an easy thing to do.
    But like u said it yields better results ♥️