Smyrna 11

If you want to know Jesus, then I encourage you to turn your face towards eternity and think from an eternal perspective. Things really look different when you look down from His throne in heaven.

When you see things from the perspective of eternity it will change your temporary vision and cause hope to stir and come alive within you. Hope, together with faith and love are the three elements you need in your life for heaven to come to earth for you. Without them working together in your inner being there is not much God can do for you, as He needs these to move the kingdom of heaven through the ‘portals’ of life to establish His kingdom in your world.

Love is the most important of the three but without the others it stays powerless to effect any change. This love is not the one you show towards others, as important as that is. Love begins with God and knowing God as love is the starting point concerning everything in your relationship with Him. In Ephesus Jesus encouraged the saints to come back to their first love because their entire world in Him revolves around the love that He has for them and their love in return or in response to Him.

Religion has taught that if you are going through a struggle that you must have sinned somewhere, and you are being punished for it. that is the furthest thing from the truth! God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, never have any thoughts or intentions to punish people for their sin and neither do they ever consider punishing you for your sins, mistakes, and failures. Quite the contrary. They move in beside you to help you, to comfort and encourage you, and to shower you with their love. The greatest power in the universe is their love, not their hate.

Does God have hated? Yes, very much so. But their hate is towards the worker of iniquity being Satan and his demons. Unfortunately, there are some people that willingly give themselves to Satan and unless they repent will become subject to Satan’s eternal punishment. God, however, is not dealing with humanity based on punishment for sin but on righteousness through faith. His love deals with your knowledge and understanding of how righteous He has made you as His beloved child.

I had an encounter with the Lord a few days ago. I had been asking Him about the events that happened when He descended into hell; those three days between His death and resurrection. I saw Him enter the nether regions and, on our left, I saw Abraham and all the saints. Absolute pandemonium broke loose. I have never seen such a wild, exuberant celebration in all my life. (The Bokke’s win cannot compare!) They had been waiting for this day to arrive and simply went crazy. I too was filled with much joy at the sight I was beholding.

Suddenly I became aware of Jesus off to the right. I saw Him staring into the darkness and I began to shudder. I knew the whole host of demons were present, but I could not see them. I began to tremble as the most fearful rage exuded out of the Lord. I have never felt so much anger, utter rage, and fury in my life. I froze. Words cannot describe the feeling of fear and hate that I felt. I was terrified. His rage and hatred towards Satan were immense and intense.

When the vision ended the Lord smiled at me and gave me a hug. He told me that what I experienced was the slightest touch of His rage and anger towards satan, as I would not be able to withstand the full extent of His wrath against the one who had caused His beloved creation, humanity, so much harm and destruction. He said, “I will never, never, never, forgive him for what he has done to my creation!”

He gently admonished me to be very careful as to how I judge people and how I portray Him to His people. He clearly taught that ALL theft, destruction, sickness, disease, infirmity, pain, heartache, death, sins, etc., were the works of Satan and to never, ever, paint Satan’s face upon HIM.

Oh, my friend, how I pray that you would come to know the height, the length, the depth, and the width of God’s love for you. Yes, you may not understand, and you may be hurting and suffering or know of someone who is. It is in these times that He calls you to look upon Him and come to know Him as the End. When you do you will know that all is okay, the End is going to be greater and more wonderful than anything your heart has yet been able to imagine.

Take some time to relax in your Father’s presence. Look to Jesus as the Finisher of your faith and let His joy and peace fill you to overflowing.

In His love and grace.


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  1. This just filled me up with so much love, and I know it is only a tip of the iceberg for how much He loves me. The song Without You by Kirk Franklin came from within me as I read.

    Much Love

  2. This filled me up with so much love, and I know it is only a tip of the iceberg for what He has for me. the song Without You by Kirk Franklin stewed up from within as I read on…