Smyrna 12

How often do you think of the wonder of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and how that affects your life? How well do you know this fundamental doctrine of Jesus Christ?

I thought I knew the fundamental doctrines of the Lord quite well until the Lord began to teach them to me from an eternal perspective. I must confess I had never considered them as heavenly doctrines, let alone eternal. How all this happened is another story in the making and I will share the things He is teaching me at the right time.

But the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is something He confirmed with the saint in Smyrna as something they need to have firmly established within them if they were to overcome the onslaughts of the enemy that they were facing, being the synagogue (church) of Satan. We will get to that but first let’s look at the resurrection from the dead.

The resurrection from the dead is the pivotal point on which our entire Christian faith hinges, for without the hope we have in the resurrection our faith would be in vain. Paul says we would be the most pitied of all people for what we believe if there is no resurrection from the dead. (1 Cor 15:19) It was the doctrine of the resurrection from the dead that got the disciples into trouble, caused them persecution and to lose their lives. There is nothing that will incite satanic anger more than your resurrection from the dead!

Look at what Jesus said to Martha. “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me will live, even though He dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?”

The question we need to answer is what Jesus meant by the word “die.” We are all aware that we die physically, yet Jesus said that if you believe in Him you will never die. Remember, Jesus is talking to her about the resurrection of the dead. Lazarus has died and Martha is grieving for her brother. Jesus is telling her, “Martha, even though Lazarus has died (physically) he is not dead, he will rise again.” Martha had no problem with believing in the far-off resurrection, but Jesus was not talking about ‘far-off’ He was talking about right now! (Jn 11:25-26)

God always talks in the NOW! He is eternal and sees all things from the beginning to the end, hence Jesus introducing Himself to the saints as the one who is the Beginning and the End. Jesus then demonstrated to all the saints present at the tomb who He was as the Resurrection and the Life by raising Lazarus. Yes, Lazarus did pass away again in a future event, however, Jesus was saying they would not die physically, but that even though they may die physically, He will raise their bodies from the ground. Physical death to the believer is not eternal!

We get so stressed because of our physical circumstances and the sufferings we experience. The main reason we suffer stress is because of our belief in death instead of resurrection life! We constantly think we are “going to die!” if our situation doesn’t turn around. Jesus knows that we battle with the spirit of death and is encouraging His saints not to consider death in any form, like poverty, sickness, broken relationships, etc., but to look at it from an eternal, heavenly perspective.

From heaven’s viewpoint, your current problem is not a problem. It is short, temporal (not going into heaven with you), and easy to overcome. But only if you fix your mind on the wonderful hope you have in the resurrection of your body from the dead. Our end will be our transformation into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ, spirit, soul, and body.

Take some time this weekend to think about what you understand by the resurrection from the dead. How many sermons have you heard on this subject? How well established are you in this doctrine personally? Does it carry any meaning or weight in your relationship with Jesus and who He is? Is it a living and breathing reality in your heart and soul? If the answer is no, take heart as Jesus is about to take you on an enchanting journey into the mystery of your resurrection from the dead!

Have an enchanting weekend. 🎇💥


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