Smyrna 16

There is an eerie, subtle fear, that comes against you when you come under the attack of a Judaizer. This is the subtle and dangerous hiss of the serpent who desires to deceive you and snare you into sin.

Knowing where and how Satan gets access to you is crucial to your victory. He is not called the accuser of the brethren for nothing! His name reveals who he is and what he is like. Know this, he seeks for those that he can devour, which means there are people he has no access to, and I pray that you are one of those. This does not mean you won’t come under attack! Remember, we are dealing with the letter to Smyrna who were learning to overcome him, not crying to be delivered from him!

An accuser is someone who uses their VOICE to lie about you to others. Satan does this very effectively through the use of the Law of Moses to accuse you and declare you guilty of breaking the Law. So, what do you do when you have committed a sin? You turn your face towards the Father and the victory of the blood. Understand that the cross was a heavenly court case dealing with sin and death. Satan was guilty of sin, Adam was guilty, and so was Eve.

Their sins affected not only their lives but the whole of creation. The fall was a serious event that had huge repercussions. It would cost God His life to fix it and fix it He did! Satan had an accusation against Adam before God. He had won a legal victory and demanded blood. (That’s for another time). He gained lordship over humanity and became their god and father. Remember, Jesus told the Pharisees that they were of their father the devil.

On the cross Jesus took humanities place and accepted their guilt together with our punishment, which was death – eternal separation from the presence and love of God. Man has never been and never will be separate from God. Everyone has access to him but not everyone chooses to be with Him. Jesus became sin for us on the cross, however, Satan was not aware of what was actually going on. He thought He had God in a corner and his own blinding rage at God prevented him from seeing what was happening. He thought that if he could kill Jesus, he would have eternally beaten God. If he had known the outcome would be the birth of a new creation with a whole lot of sons and daughters of God invading his world, he would never have touched the Lord.

Because Jesus took your guilt and condemnation, the Judge of all creation could declare you innocent and not guilty. This is a huge thing because in a court of law there are two outcomes. One person is found not guilty and the other is found guilty. God declared mankind NOT GUILTY of the sin that entered the world through Adam and its accompanying death and found Satan solely responsible for the sin and his judgment would be the lake of fire.

And this is grace. God acquitted you and freed you from all guilt and punishment.

His judgments upon your life are that before Him you are:

  • Justified
  • Righteous
  • Holy
  • Pure
  • Spotless
  • Guiltless
  • Sinless
  • Blameless
  • Healthy
  • Prosperous
  • And every other good thing heaven has to offer!

Satan was and always will be the one that is guilty of sin. He is the one that God still declares guilty when you sin. Why? Because he came to tempt you, deceive you, and trick you into sin. You belong to the Lord and you are His beloved. That does not excuse you, however. God expects you to own up and take responsibility for your actions. You come before Him and acknowledge your fall, get cleaned up by the blood, declare your innocence with praise and thanksgiving and walk on with Him, not allowing the accuser to continue harassing your mind and emotions with false guilt and condemnation.

Everything in heaven and on earth has to do with the Lord’s eternal judgments. Think about how He sees you in eternity and bring that truth into your life and world around you. This is how you become a formidable foe to the kingdom of darkness!

Scripture Reference: Eph 5:27; 1 Pe 5:8; Jn 8:44; 1 Cor 2:8

Have a guiltless day!


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  1. This is beautiful.

    I needed to be reminded that God sees me from the eternal, not where I am right now. That realisation makes me want to be more like Him.

    Thank you Yvonne.

  2. This is deep my sister. You have opened my eyes today.

    These are the kind of truth you read and read again and keep us treasure to guide you for the rest of your days here on earth.

    God bless you sister.