Smyrna 5

Have you ever felt like you don’t love the Lord enough and then feel really lousy about it? I think we have all had those times in our lives.

But there is a secret to loving God and developing your first love relationship with Him that the Lord reveals to the suffering saints in Smyrna. This secret is about knowing who He really is as the beginning and the end of everything concerning you. He knows you. He knows your thoughts before you do. He knows how you are going to react, and He knows how everything is going to work out.

Sometimes we get our relationships into a mess because we do not really know the person. We think we do and then they do something that totally freaks us out because we thought we knew them. We think we know what they think, or like, or want, just to find out that that’s not what they thought, liked, or wanted.

Getting to know someone takes time and there will be plenty of misunderstandings along the way.

It’s the same with your relationship with the Lord except that He truly knows all you think, feel and want. But knowing how He thinks, and what He likes, and what He wants are another matter altogether. Our concepts of what He is like are often incorrect because we have heard what He is like through others instead of from the Lord Himself.

The truth is that no one can define your love relationship with the Lord except you and Him. There is not another person on this planet that thinks, and feels, and likes, things just like you. None of us have the same thinking processes or beliefs because we have all been influenced by different people and circumstances in life. These experiences have formed and fashioned you and are what makes you unique.

It is the uniqueness, or the mystery that makes you, you, that Jesus is attracted to. He loves your little quirks and nuances and does not want you to try and be someone else.

The same is true when it comes to your relationship with Jesus, the Father, or the Holy Spirit. They all have their own personality and when you mix their personality with yours you get a unique personal relationship that is unlike anyone else’s relationship with them. As you spend time with each one your relationship with them will grow.

Because they are invisible and your inner being is invisible, so will your relationship be invisible. This is a heart relationship and I think the Lord deliberately chose it that way so that no one else could come and pry into how your relationship is developing. Here, in the privacy of your heart you have the freedom to work things out with the Lord. He is not offended or taken aback by your faults and failures. This is where He takes you into His domain where there is love, peace, patience, tolerance, long suffering, kindness, and gentleness. In this atmosphere He begins to embrace you, comfort and encourage you, correct and teach you, and cultivate a relationship with you.

Here in this secret place He reveals Himself to you and one of the things He wants you to know about Him is that He has always been involved with you, is involved with you now and will stay involved with you to the end. He is with you and for you and He will work all things out for you as you stay committed to Him in your mind and feelings.

Your “acts of love” towards Him are demonstrated by thankfulness and gratitude, especially when you are suffering in a difficult time. Thankfulness turns your heart and mind towards Him. When you are face to face with Him He has the opportunity to love you back by teaching you about who you are to Him, and how to handle the situation so that you come through as an overcomer who is of great value to Him.

Jesus is looking for a mature, loving, and honourable relationship with you. You are His pride and joy and He is not ashamed to call you His beloved. As your relationship matures in righteousness and honour, so will the responsibilities that He will entrust to you, until you come to the place that He can confidently take you into His councils and have you rule and reign with Him.

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  1. Rule and reign with Him…………. now that would be lovely!

    Beautiful piece, like all the others. *hugs

  2. Yvonne how are you est-ce que tu peux parler en français Sava
    Mon cher ami je suis en disponible en français Sava bien