Solving Problems!

Have you ever cried out to the Lord for deliverance but no matter how much you cry out deliverance has just not happened?

Why is this? Why do we sometimes struggle with deliverance? Is the problem on God’s side or ours? It is ALWAYS on our side, so it is important for us to know where we are going wrong.

Our problem is that we don’t trust in His unfailing love. I used the word “problem” specifically, because a problem is something that we need to solve, it is not a fundamental fault. So often we look at ourselves and think there must be something fundamentally wrong with us.

There is, however, NOTHING FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG WITH YOU! You are made in His image and likeness, you are perfect, righteous and holy in His sight!

You have a problem that needs to be solved. And that is where faith, hope and love come in. They are your teachers and together will bring you into the deliverance you are looking for. And they will teach you, in every situation, about how much God loves you. They will always direct you towards Him. When you become aware of God’s love for you it will cause your faith to be activated which will bring about that which you are hoping for.

The key to deliverance is and always will be the Father’s love for you.

Psalm 33:18 The eyes of the Lord are upon even the weakest worshipers who love Him – those who wait in hope and expectation for the strong steady love of God. (TPT)

Now, praying is good, knowing that God loves you is necessary, and in your heart, you must believe. Believing involves having your thoughts and imagination come in line with the Father’s love. This is where so many challenges happen. In your mind you wrestle with the problem and it is in your mind that you learn to deal with it. The problem is not your circumstance but the thoughts of truth and doubt that contend with each other. It is the doubts produced by fear that run around like headless chickens in your thoughts and emotions, that need to be brought under control and put to death.

You have to learn to reign in your thoughts and bring them under control. You need to submit them to thoughts of God’s unfailing love, and His absolute faithfulness to you as you believe in and trust in Him. This involves some work and effort on your part but as you subject your life to acknowledging that He loves you, and then, as you praise Him for His faithfulness you will walk in the deliverance that He has obtained for you.

As you deal with every thought and emotion that contradicts the truth that Jesus loves you and has provided deliverance for you, that you will develop a strong and steadfast faith that is no longer moved by what the problem says, because the understanding of how the kingdom of heaven works through love is the solution to the problem.

Today, I pray that the wisdom of God and the understanding of His unfailing love for you will strengthen you and give you the knowledge you need to solve every problem.

In His love! 💓





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  1. Hi Yvonne. ..I have a big problem at night when i close my eyes to pray or go to sleep…I try to control my thoughts or mind to see Jesus, or an image if Him, or even the cross…and i cant…everything is just black…i need help please…Andre.

    1. Dearest Andre , I saw your comment and I wanted to share my personal experience with you . It is not always easy just to clear your mind to experience specially with the busy life styles we lead and all the distractions around us , what you are desiring to experience .
      This comes with time , and during this time you need to spend intimate time with the Lord . You need to seek him by communicating and worshiping him . He loves you and his hearts desire is to spend time with you . I hope this helps .