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How do we deal with the “drama’s” that take place in our soul? How do you sort out who is talking? Are you going crazy with all this activity in your thoughts or are they neatly formed little soldiers?

Many books have been written and sermons preached concerning the battle of the mind, and it is true, the mind is a battleground, however, it can also be a place of peace and wholeness. Your mind does not need to be a perpetual battleground of never ending war. The war in your mind needs to be waged with the firm objective of establishing peace! Every battle should end in peace.

And it is here, in your mind, that breakthrough’s need to happen. Long before you see the victory in your circumstances a breakthrough needs to happen in your soul. A war called the “gathering and controlling of thoughts” needs to happen within you. And here is the tragedy – unless you change what’s happening inside you, you will not see any breakthrough. This does not mean you won’t experience a miracle or deliverance, but a peaceful mind with joy and satisfaction will not come without learning to control what happens in your mind.

Learning to control your mind begins with stopping dead in your tracks and thinking about what you are thinking. What conversation is happening in your head? Are you fighting and arguing with someone? Are you panicking about your bills or something else? Are you afraid of what might happen in the future? Are you happy and feeling love and joy? Are you thinking about good and have great expectations?

Being conscious of what you think and see in your mind is the first step in obtaining a breakthrough. Jesus identified the problem with the masses in Matthew 13:13. Everyone has the power to see, yet they do not see, they have the power to hear but do not hear and neither do they grasp and understand. Even though they were with Jesus, heard His teachings and saw the miracles He performed, they still remained in their positions of lack because they never took the time to PAY ATTENTION to what was going on in their minds and hearts.

Learning to think about what you are thinking and seeing in your mind will take time and practice, but it is a very exciting thing to do. You will be amazed at what you will discover and how much knowledge and understanding you start receiving from the Lord. Your heart will become alive with the wonder and awe of the kingdom of heaven within you and in the process of time, as you walk consciously with the Lord, you will find yourself experiencing the breakthroughs you desire.

Have a ‘breakthrough’ day 😊





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