Sound of Music

The hills are alive with the sound of music, but our hearts are alive with the sound of His voice!

Your whole being is alive with emotion and imagination. The amazing thing is that when you get passionate or emotional about something that you are thinking of, words and songs start pouring out of your mouth, whether there are people around or not. You will release the sounds of your heart that are full of emotion.

When your imagination is alive with wonderful thoughts about your God and all He has done it won’t be long before your heart begins to sing His praises and all kinds of happy emotions well up within you. When these emotions start following they release the medicine of God which will heal your body, restore your mind, and bring you success in all you do.

How many times have we come to worship God and give Him honour but all we have done is perform ritual worship? The Lord is looking for worship that comes from the heart. In other words, He is looking for our thoughts and imagination to be involved in what we are doing to the point where we become filled with intense emotional desire which leads to an experience with Him.

Worship from the heart is simply the involvement of your imagination and emotions. When you worship, praise, or bless the Lord bring your imagination and emotions with you. You worship a real and living BEING who designed and desires you to connect with Him on every level of your life and for all of you to be set on fire with hot, fervent, passion for Him. 😊

Try it, you’ll love it! 😊





Scripture Reference: Isaiah 29:13; Matthew 15:8

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  1. I always hear a singing voice I side of me whether I am awake or sleeping. I believe that is my spirit singing. Thank you. What a great message to start the week.