Speak to the Hand

I don’t know if you have ever told someone or had someone tell you, “Speak to the hand,” but the truth is the hand has no defense against words. Words penetrate the mind and then the heart causing all sorts of emotional activities within.

In short, sometimes you need to “speak to the mind” and deal with some stuff going on in there. Case in point. Last night I could not sleep simply because my mind was active over certain changes taking place in the business that I knew would cause some “upheaval” in the status quo with our people. No one likes change, and this is big change. As a result, my mind was stressed, and I could not sleep.

I eventually asked Dave to put the Word on so that I could focus on something else. But even that did not make a difference. Nothing changed until I “Spoke to the Mind!” In love and gentleness I spoke to my mind, assuring it that all was well, the change was good and necessary, and everyone would be blessed and all would be okay. I then did a simple prayer asking the Lord for His wisdom, council and understanding to assist in a smooth transition.

After this my thoughts immediately calmed down and I remember waking up in the morning with Dave offering me coffee. My sleep was sweet. 😊

When your mind is in turmoil or negative thoughts are stressing you, you need to speak. The only way to calm yourself down is to speak words of encouragement to yourself and declaring the things you are wanting to see. Pray and let your confidence in the Lord arise. The words that you speak to yourself will shift you back into a good place, calm and stress free. In short you will keep yourself healthy!

Therefore, if you are feeling stressed over something, speak to it. Speak to yourself. But remember, always deal with yourself in love and tenderness, for love is the great power that God has released to you and I to overcome everything.

Grace and peace to you, now and always.


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