Spitting Mad!

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who cannot make up their mind, and just wish they would make a decision one way or another so that you could get on with your life!? It’s like, “Make a decision – yes or no – which one!”

This is what it means to be lukewarm. It’s a half-hearted, undecided position that causes a stalemate.

It’s frustrating, annoying, and provokes a somewhat angry response from the person waiting for the decision to be made. This is the position we put God in when it comes to moving forward in our relationship with Him. Once we make a decision He knows which way to go and what to do to bring us into His divine plan and purpose. However, if we sit in a place of indecision He can’t do anything for us.

And He will get “spitting mad” to get your attention!

In other words, He will get firm with you. He does not want you to stay in a half-hearted position. He is going to demand some action and He will get “in your face” to do so. Why? Because He cares for you and your eternal rewards. He is eternally minded where you are concerned and wants His best for you.

When God starts to “get in your face” He is going to deal with what YOU SAY!

Our internal beliefs and thought patterns are manifest through the things we say. In Laodicea there were certain beliefs they had that caused them to become half-hearted where God was concerned, and we need to examine ourselves to see whether we have the same arguments coming out of our own mouths.

You say, I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.”

I am going to leave you with that thought for today so that you can go and think about it. What does what you say, and wealth have to do with being lukewarm?

To the One and Only, Jesus Christ our Lord! 💫

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