The Amen!

When it comes to overcoming the issue of being lukewarm the first thing you need to know, and be fully aware and convinced of, is that Jesus is the AMEN, which means faithful and true. This is often quoted with ‘so be it’. Amen is not by definition so be it, but rather that what He says IS TRUSTWORTY AND TRUE.

In your own life, your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs and philosophies, need to be established in the truth that what Jesus said is higher and more trustworthy than any worldly theory or belief system or structure. You need to be fully convinced in your own heart and mind that Jesus is who He says He is regardless of anyone else’s opinion or world view.

Remember, the world does not see, and neither do they believe, in Jesus. He is not considered the final authority on anything and His existence and authority are being vehemently opposed. Anyone who even dares to declare that He is who He says He is, is looked on with disdain and considered stupid. This can put a lot of pressure on believers, and many fall into a “neutral” position rather than a firm, “Yes, Jesus is the final authority!” or “No, He isn’t!” rather than getting into an argument, debate, or persecution.

This is a lukewarm position and Jesus would rather have you make a decision either way instead of being tossed between two opinions.

The second revelation Jesus needs you to know and be fully convinced of is that He is the CREATOR and the Origin and Beginning of all God’s creation. With the rise of evolution and science, Jesus being acknowledged as God and Creator has been whittled down to fantasy and anyone believing in the Creation story of Genesis is labelled a fool.

Your answer and belief concerning these two issues will determine your actions, or your “deeds” and will reveal to you whether or not you are sitting in a lukewarm position. In the face of these two challenges that face believers today Jesus is asking you, “Are you for Me, do you believe that I Am faithful and true, and that I Am the Creator of the heavens and the earth as I have said? Will you stand up and be counted (persecuted) for your faith, or do you not believe. If you don’t believe, then be bold enough to say so!”

Neither of these two decisions have to do with salvation. Salvation is a free gift from God to anyone who believes that Jesus Christ is Lord. Our belief structures in God grow as we get to know Him better. Here Jesus is dealing with belief patterns concerning who YOU believe He is.

This is about YOUR relationship with Him and your eternal rewards. If you passionately stand for who He is in the face of opposition He will reward you.

May you be bold and courageous as you journey through this life and may your commitment to who Jesus is and all that He declares, be firmly rooted and established in you. May your desire and fervency for Him increase and His fire blaze in your heart.





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