The Cheerful Battle 5

So, Jesus said My kingdom is not of this world which begs the question, “Then where is it?”

Well, it’s in heaven of course! BUT, how do you and I get there? For the most part we believe we get to heaven (hopefully) when we die. If this is the case and this is what Jesus meant then it would be really good to leave this planet and get on with whatever we have been called to do in the heavenly realms, right?

Sadly, for many believers the Gospel has been about getting saved/born again or “your ticket to heaven,” live a good Christian life and then die and go to heaven. Of course, you have to deal with some devils in between and hope that your behaviour is good enough so that God can love you while you are going through all your struggles until you leave this planet.

God has done a lot more for us than simply save us so that we can go to heaven. He has opened the most marvelous and adventurous world to us which Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God. Paul refers to the same place but calls it heavenly places. In these places – or realms or kingdoms – a lot of stuff is going on.

Firstly, above all else, God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing, IN THE HEAVENLY REALMS, in Christ Jesus. Of all the things you get to do in the kingdom of heaven you get to know and experience who God your Father is, everything that He has done for you and given to you. There are untold, unimaginable, enchanting places that He is waiting to show you and to explore with you.

It is a heavenly kingdom but in one of these realms is a place we commonly call the realm or kingdom of darkness. This is the place Satan and demonic spirits occupy and out of this realm Satan exercises his dominion and authority over humanity. In Ephesians 2 God tells us that SATAN (not our loving heavenly Father) has the whole world under his influence. In Corinthians Satan is called the god of this world.

Yet Satan is not manifest as a physical being in this world. He is only seen in the heavenly realms but here, when you come in light, he is definitely not as scary as he would like to portray himself to be. This does not mean he does not have power, nor that we can mock or criticize him – not even angels do that. When you mock and criticize your enemy, he will blindside you. He has authority and GOD honours that authority. GOD our Father does not like Satan having any authority. Jesus came to destroy Satan’s authority over humanity, and He did so through the glory of the cross. Satan does not get his “authority” from GOD, he gets it from humanity! We empower or dis-empower the ability of the realm of darkness to operate on this earth, especially we, the saints of the Most High God.

So, how is this light and darkness manifest in the heavenly realms? On earth we understand it because in the light we can see and in the dark we cannot. But what about heavenly places. In the heavens light is the knowledge of who Jesus Christ is and darkness is the lie that opposes this knowledge. When we have no revelation or understanding of who Jesus is as a real experience within us, we are still “blanketed” with the lies that oppose who God really is and these lies will effectively keep us out of the kingdom of heaven.

Remember, Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you. This means that your access to the heavenly realms is from within you. Also, everything in this natural universe we live in is rooted in and created by sound. Everything has a frequency, has a sound. In the beginning God SAID. He released His Voice and His voice still upholds the universe. BUT, He also created us in His image and gave Adam the same creative power to communicate with His creation. Adam exercised dominion over all of God’s creation, spiritual, mental and physical, through His VOICE. We, humanity, do the same.

Jesus came to restore our VOICE. He came to bring us back to the position of authority that is higher than that of the realm of darkness.

But that is that for today. Join me again next week as we continue to look into the enchanting world of our Father.

May you be blessed and filled with the wonder of His love and grace toward you this weekend.

Lots of love,


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  1. Dankie Yvonne, jy sal nie weet wat hierdie boodskappe vir my beteken nie…..Cheerful battle 4 was op presies die regte tyd vir my. Ek wil baie graag elke dag in Sy lig leef en Sy lig uitstraal!

  2. Enjoy these mini lessons so much.
    Easy to follow and read aloud for stronger memory retention. So very happy and grateful to receive these messages.

  3. I really learn so much from these messages. Thank you for your effort and time to feel led to share with us your wonderful walk with the Lord!