The Cheerful Battle 7

Now that you know how wonderful, beautiful, majestic and powerful you are as a new creation it’s time to learn the conversation of heaven.

Yes, there are continual conversations going on in heaven between the Godhead, God and the saints, angels and the Lord, between the saints and on and on we go. Considering that heaven is within you (I don’t know how that technology works) and you are a citizen of heaven then you need to be partaking in these heavenly conversations. (Phil 3:20)

Think about it. There is a continual conversation taking place on the inside of your head. Often referred to as “voices in your head.” Don’t stress about this, it proves you are normal. We continually have conversations with ourselves and others in our minds. We may not always be conscious of these conversations, but they are taking place. There is a conversation between you and the Lord and sadly there are conversations with evil entities as well.

Please don’t get freaked out by this but take some time to think about what you are thinking. This process will help you identify who or what is talking to you. Ever wondered why Jesus instructed us to take heed to the things we hear? This is not so much about the things you hear through your ears but what you are hearing within you. Many people say they cannot hear the Lord’s voice. This is simply because they have not yet taken time to distinguish between the voices they are conversing with.

The Holy Spirit is a “chatterbox.” I say this with reverence, and I promise you He is not freaked out about it! He loves to talk about the Lord and the kingdom of heaven. He loves showing you places and things to come. He asks a lot of questions, most of which I respond to as, “I don’t know!” He loves to be asked questions too and loves answering them, even the one’s He has asked you! 😊 His conversations are fun, intriguing, enchanting, full of love and grace. His conversations always draw you towards the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, just because you hear other voices does NOT mean you are demon possessed! Possession is real and does happen, but this is not the level at which we are now talking about. The truth is we all have areas in our lives that are ungodly, and we need to deal with them. These areas or issues are linked to the realm of darkness and from there you hear their enticing and tempting voices. When you pay attention to those voices that tempt you to sin, they will draw you in and an outward sin action is the result. Sin is ALWAYS first conceived through a conversation that happens within you. Overcoming these issues is simple. All it requires is a change in who your inner conversation is with.

The more you focus on the Lord and bring your conscious thoughts and imagination into the realm of heaven the “holier” and more sanctified your mind becomes. Over the process of time it becomes very difficult for Satan to tempt you to do evil. This process of sanctifying you is the joy and the delight of the Holy Spirit. This is fun, it is exciting and definitely not boring. So, instead of trying to clean the outside of the cup, clean the inside (your thoughts) and the outside will naturally become clean.

One of the best and fastest way I learned to distinguish between my voice, the Lord’s voice and demonic voices was to practice hearing my voice and the Word of the Lord together. You do need to pray in tongues to do this. I would pray in tongues out loud and at the same time learn to read the Bible in my mind. Then I would try to switch the two and read the Bible out loud and pray in tongues on the inside. All the while you focus on what you are hearing and seeing WITHIN you. This is not easy when you first begin but I encourage you to learn. If you get distracted, don’t worry, just go back to it and keep at it till you master it. Soon you will be having glorious conversations with the kingdom of heaven within you.

I love you and pray that the Lord open your understanding and lead you deeper and deeper into the glory of His world.

To a new conversation! 😀😀😀


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  1. Hallo Yvonne. I love this blog. It realy makes me feel that God has a purpouse for me and that He is the only one that loves me unconditionly. Is there a way that i can learn more about praying in tongues?