The Cheerful Battle 9

Have you considered what purpose Jesus has concerning you? What is His intent? I promise you it’s way bigger and way better than anything you have imagined!

Often people wonder what they are called to and sadly this has been limited to some earthly function or activity. While these are important, they should be the result of what He has truly called you to, which involves the heavens or heavenly places that are within Christ and within you. It is here, in the heavens, that you begin truly walking in your “calling.”

Remember, When Jesus rose from the dead, He raised you up with Him. This is not some future event it is a NOW, present truth, reality. He HAS seated you with Him in the heavenly realms. This is not something He is GOING to do; He HAS already done it. He is not GOING to bless you in the heavenly realms (once you’ve left the planet and gone to heaven!), He HAS ALREADY blessed you. Therefore, from God’s perspective and position, you are ALREADY seated with Him in the heavens and you HAVE ALREADY been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. (Eph 1:3; Eph 2:6)

The problem is not about what God has already done; the problem is with how much of what He has done with you and for you that you are aware of. Your wonderful and amazing heavenly calling is His PURPOSE AND INTENT concerning you. He wants you to be heavenly minded, to see yourself from where He has POSITIONED you, which is in Him, on the Father’s throne, sitting at His right hand. There is no greater calling than that!

From God’s eternal perspective you are ALREADY exactly like His SON. I know this is hard to grasp when everything in this world declares the opposite to this truth. But the TRUTH is that GOD SEES YOU fully complete in Him! He is not working with your “sin “issues, He is working with your RIGHTEOUSNESS issues. Our problem is that we often find it easier to identify with a worldly identity than we do that of our heavenly identity. Thankfully, this is busy changing and the Church of Jesus Christ is arising in her calling and identity.

Then, we have a marvelous, glorious and enchanting work that we are called to do in the heavenlies – and that is to make known to the rulers and authorities IN THE HEAVENLY REALMS the eternal purpose that God accomplished in Jesus Christ our Lord. Imagine, God could have done this Himself, but He chose to give this privilege to YOU! YOU are His chosen one, you are His beloved, you are His champion. Satan should never have touched Adam and Eve! Now God has a NEW CREATION, far more powerful, holy and righteous. A creation that Satan cannot destroy. These are the sons and daughters of God, YOU, who carry His image and are created in His likeness!

To top it all, God is eternally FOR us. Jesus handed His victory over to us and has given us the command to bring down Satan’s kingdom. Make no mistake, this IS happening. It may not look like it on earth where things seem to be getting worse, but the heavens belong to us and we are taking them back. As we do, we will be bringing heaven to earth, and this world as we know it will be transformed. This is not some future event; it is happening right here and right now. Those who are seated in heaven while still walking on earth can see the wonder and the glory of what is really going on.

How about you? Have you come to this place? Are you consciously aware of who you are and where you are? Can you see from God’s perspective? For most believer’s this answer is no, and that’s okay. God knows where each of His saints are and the Holy Spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth. However, I believe that if you are reading this blog that He is stretching out His hand to you and inviting you to, “Come up here, I want to show you something wonderful!”

May your week be blessed with an increasing revelation of Jesus Christ in your heart and soul!

Love always


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  1. Once again thank you I need this so much in my life right now but just keep my eyes on His grace.God bless Amen

  2. I was talking to my friend the other day that heaven is a beautiful place and she agreed. Guess we already gotten a taste of heaven while still on earth. How awesome is that?😀😁💖🙏