The End!

Your unbelief NEVER weakens God’s faithfulness!

I have never met a Christian who has not experienced weakness in their walk with God because of the sin of unbelief. Every one of us has failed in some or other area in our lives in our relationship with the Lord and Satan is quick to get on our case with guilt and condemnation!

The good news is that your unbelief does not change God’s faithfulness towards you!

He remains faithful in spite of you! He is not going anywhere! He will remain right there, right next to you, with you, and in you, till the day He brings you safely home and welcomes you into His glorious kingdom.

This truth is an anchor to your soul. When you anchor your thoughts to the thought that God will always be faithful to you, it will keep you steady in your walk with Him, even though you get buffeted by the waves of circumstances and situations that tell you it’s over! Regardless of how you feel when you are weak, and your faith seems to be wavering, turn your thoughts back to God’s faithfulness and tie yourself to them.

Train your thoughts to be fixed on God. You have to practice this. It does not come naturally. When thoughts arise in your mind that contradict the truth that is in Jesus you need to deal with them. You cannot give them space in your mind. Do not give them a place to lodge.

In distinguishing between thoughts that are holy and those that are not remember the following:

  • God calls things that are not as though they were. He sees THE END from the beginning and focuses on the end result not the current situation.
  •  Satan calls things that are as they are. This may look like the truth, but it is a lie. The truth is in Jesus and in Him only.

This world is operated and run by satanic systems. This system says that things are the way they are, and chances are they will get worse. If you align yourself with this way of thinking you empower the system of darkness to continue in your own life and subtly you will add to its power.

However, if you align yourself with God’s system of thinking and doing things, things will get better. When you refuse to give voice in acceptance of the way things are and rather voice the truth that things are the way God says they are, then you increase the system of heaven in your life, and you add your light to the kingdom of God in this world, bringing it peace, righteousness and joy.

Be bold and courageous. Dare to be different. Dare to be like God. Dare to speak and see THE END from the beginning and believe in a glorious end.

May you be blessed with a strong, persistent, faith.

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